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Weekly Round-up 01.09.2022

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend. This week we're featuring visualizations from our January challenge on the BBC Sports Personality of the Year challenge and few other sports. Be sure to check out the January challenge, you can find all the details in Simon's post.

I'm kicking off this week with this Tableau visualization from Rob. I think Rob's design is great. I'm a big fan of the simple and easy to understand visualization and Rob has that covered with this gantt chart. I like the addition of the star to show were in their career when they won the SPOTY. I also like the use of color to show who is still active in their career. Great work!

I love that Kirk used the BBC colors for his January challenge viz. Like Rob's, I love the simplicity of the viz. I was able to easily glean key stats about the folks who have been awarded with the BBC SPOTY. Good stuff Kirk!

Simon looked at the people who have won a SPOTY multiple times. I found it interesting that 3 of the multiple winners were from F1. I think Simon's design works well and I love the table section. The icons were used well and the entire viz was easy to consume and understand. Thanks for participating Simon!

Kavin also used Tableau to create this timeline visualization of the winners. I think this is a great design. The curved timeline works well and I love the encoding of the color around the winner to designate the country. The addition of the totals to the legend was also a great touch. Nice work Kavin!

Sam created this Tableau public visualization that compares Favre & Rogers records with the Packers. Personally, I'm hoping he doesn't pass Brady's all time touchdown passes with a single team. As always, great work Sam! I always learn something from your work.

Imad created this Tableau public visualization that compares Mahrez & Salah career stats. This viz prompted me to learn more about each of the players and I always love learning new things. Thanks for tagging us Imad and look forward to seeing more visualizations from you.

I've been a fan of Karen's Tableau work for a long time and this calendar run tracker visualization is another great one. Check this out on Tableau public.

Valery created this visualization of Steph Curry's path to surpassing Ray Allen to be the all time leader 3 point leader in the NBA. It's great to see Valery got in touch with long time SVS contributor Jeff Plattner to see how he created his Kobe viz. Love to see others learning from our community members and great work Valery! Check it out here

I love Todd's visual in this tweet. They're great pie charts and the zoom in note is a perfect way to show how crazy Klay's 37 points in the 3rd quarter against the Sacramento Kings was.

Marul created this cool escape the room viz using Premier League data. Be sure to check this out on Tableau public. Great viz Marul!

Be sure to check out all the scatter plots from the new #B2VB Tableau project. The looked at the NCAA D1 Men's Basketball winningest active coaches. You can find these by searching the hashtag on either Twitter or Tableau public.

And I'm closing out the round up with this news from Tina. I'm excited to see what Tina creates with the @PitcherList. Give @PitcherList a follow on Twitter to see more of Tina's fantastic visualizations. I need more MLB data in my Twitter feed!

Have a great week and happy sports vizzing!

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