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What Is Sports Viz Sunday?

Sports Viz Sunday is an initiative to encourage the creation and sharing of sports themed visualizations, created in 2018 by James Smith, Simon Beaumont (both UK) & Spencer Baucke (US).


Whilst the team has changed, Sports Viz Sunday is now run by Simon Beaumont, CJ Mayes, Mo Wootten and Simon Rowe, the mission remains the same.

Sports Viz Sunday provides a platform for those interested in sports to come together and explore the world of sports data & visualization. We do this by hosting a challenged based on a topical sports theme, regularly sharing updates from the sports visualization world & providing rich datasets across a wide range of sports.

Want To Partner With Us?

Reach out to any of the team using the socials below.



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Data & Sport have been happily married for a long time. Information can be collected and analysed on teams, players, distances, diets, actions, all things that sports share. This information is now being collected more regularly & using more innovative methods, meaning there is a huge amount of sports data that is readily available for analysis.

Where there is data, there is also visualization. Visual representation is essential in understanding large amounts of information, and can be used to tell the story the data has to tell. 

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