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Sports Viz Sunday kicked off in January 2018 when three sports enthusiasts, brought together by the Tableau community, agreed to work together to share, create & promote visualizations from the world of sport. The team has changed since then, but this goal remains the same.



Simon supports his home town, Portsmouth FC and enjoys watching and participating in many sports, including F1, Golf, Badminton and Tennis. In 2018 Simon was honoured to be named a Tableau Ambassador and was proud to achieve his Tableau Desktop Certification.

Interesting fact: The first time Simon ever picked up a golf club he managed to knock out his uncle by hitting him on his backswing.

Mo Twitter.jpeg


Mo is a keen badminton player and a proud supporter of his local non-league football club. He particularly enjoys watching the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and is also an armchair fan of Liverpool FC. In recent years, he has discovered the joy & stress of fantasy football (both soccer and NFL).

Interesting fact:

Mo was one of the top 1,400 Fantasy Premier League players in the world for the 2020/2021 season.

SWD Avatar.jpeg


Simon enjoys many sports and enjoys nothing more on a Sunday afternoon than watching the Premier League, F1, Cricket, Tennis or indeed whichever sport is on!

Actively, he participates in Tennis, Golf and less regularly now, football.  A watcher of non-league football with Tonbridge Angels Simon has also enjoyed many travels with England including trips to Japan, USA and Ukraine following the national team.

CJ Twitter.jpeg


CJ's favourite sports to watch and visualise are football and tennis. On his own site he shares tutorials for accessing and visualising sports data.

Interesting fact: CJ reached national level during his younger years of playing field hockey, and always played in a #29 shirt at club and university.


Whilst no longer part of the current Sports Viz Sunday team without the passion and drive of the individuals below the community wouldn't be in the position it is now.



Kate is an avid golfer and her favorite place to be is on the golf course. She is also a life long Boston Red Sox & New England Patriots fan and has enjoyed all of the championships those teams won in the 2000s.


Kate is a Business Intelligence Manager and lives in the Boston, MA area with her husband and their Shar-pei. The best sporting event she has attended was The Masters tournament in 2016. If you are lucky enough to attend The Masters, she recommends getting the peach ice cream sandwich.



James is a lifelong Chelsea fan and F1 enthusiast and enjoys playing football, tennis & skiing. By day he works as an Assistant Manager in Data Analytics at EY, a global professional services firm and runs his own sports visualization business, Sports Chord.




Interesting Fact: James once saved a penalty against Gareth Bale while filming Lucozade commercial at University.



Growing up as the oldest of three boys in Loveland, OH, Spencer is a life long fan of the nearby Cincinnati Reds, Bengals, and Bearcats. Spencer is a Principal Consultant at Tessellation. He and his wife Nia live in Cincinnati, OH with their son Nolan. 


Interesting fact: Spencer wore the arm band for FC Entourage, the Summer League 2018 Cincinnati East Side 11 v 11 Recreational soccer CHAMPS!

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In 2007 Chris went to watch a Gloucester Rugby match for the first time. The game ended in a 17-17 draw, leading to an investigation into how common draws were in a game of rugby (it turns out not very!). Out of this was born a love for data - especially sports data.


Now working as a data analyst with Jisc, Chris spends his free time hiking and cycling in the countryside surrounding Edinburgh and combining those two first loves - rugby and data.

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