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New Year. New Challenge - BBC Sports Personality of the Year

Welcome to 2022 #SportsVizSunday fans and welcome to a new year of #SportsVizSunday monthly challenges for you to get your data viz teeth into.

For our first challenge of the year we are focusing on a British sporting tradition; the BBC Sports Personality of the Year, or SPOTY for the cool kids amongst us!

Ever since 1954 the British Broadcasting Corporation have celebrated UK sporting excellence through the Sports Personality of the Year Award. The winner is the sportsperson, judged by a public vote, to have achieved the most that year. The recipient must either be British or reside and play a significant amount of their sport in the United Kingdom.

This year, the 67th award of the trophy was given to Emma Raducanu for her incredible triumph at the US Open and becoming the highest ranking UK Women's Tennis player, achieving a year end high of 19 in the WTA Rankings.

To help you all explore the history behind the Sports Personality of the Year Award we have created a containing every winner, since 1954, and personal details for each individual, including:

  • Nationality

  • Sport

  • Gender

  • Year of birth

  • Pro sports career dates (although we will be the first to admit some of the dates may be open to open to debate!)

BBC Sports Personality of the Year
Download XLSX • 14KB

And now it is over to you; explore the data, find your story and create a viz. Don't forget to tag us on Twitter or your chosen platform, such as Tableau Public, with the hashtag #SportsVizSunday and we will do all we can to help showcase the viz.

This monthly challenge will end Sunday 30th January.

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