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September Challenge - Netball and Women's Football World Cups

After a long hiatus, I'm pleased to announce that we're running another #SportsVizSunday challenge!

As a reminder (it has been a while), the #SportsVizSunday challenges are an informal opportunity to test what you can create with a curated dataset. For each challenge we provide sporting data to focus on and we want to see what amazing things you can find hiding inside. When you've created your masterpieces then post them with the hashtag #SportsVizSunday and we'll round them all up for the end of the challenge.

September's challenge has two datasets to choose from! (You don't have to use them both and you can add your own data too).

1) Netball team statistics from the Netball World Cup. This dataset includes player and team-level data for the whole of the World Cup e.g. goals, attempts, interceptions, as well as the overall finish position for each team.

You can find this data on our github here:

2) Women's World Cup match data. This is a dataset provided by Statsbomb and contains a veritable mountain of in-match data for each game. Access to it is through R or Python and it would also be a great way to try out some of CJ's blogs and tutorials about creating football visualisations, if you've been waiting to give them a go.

For more info, check out Statsbomb's page here including instructions how to access the data for the first time (and please make sure you credit Statsbomb as the data source for whatever you create).

CJ's tutorials can be found on his website:

To give you time to really get into it, we're going to run this until the end of October and then we'll do a roundup and review. You can submit as many things as you like to the challenge, and we actively welcome entries of all skill levels and experience!

Happy vizzing!

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