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Jan 2023 Monthly Challenge - GamesNightViz Collab!

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Welcome to our new year challenge #SportsVizSunday fans.

We are really excited to be kicking off this year with a collaboration with the #GamesNightViz team. If you'd like to learn more about the #GamesNightViz initiative in general, check out this Tableau release, or dive straight into the action on some of their past challenges here.

#GamesNightViz covers all types of games: card games, board games, video games, party games, game shows, and the list goes on!

The theme for this month's challenge is:

"Is It A Sport Or A Game?"

Controversial, I know!!

1) International Federation of Tiddlywinks Association

You can read all about the rules of the game here. Possibly the more obscure of the 4 datasets but well worth diving into and learning the difference between a potted wink and a squopped wink!

2) eSports earnings

We look at some of the highest earning players and teams in the eSports world, with multiple resources in the zip file. Some of the figures are crazy! Time to dust off the consoles.

3) FIFA 23 Complete player dataset

For the soccer fans out there, we give you the complete list of players and teams from this year's FIFA 2023! Is there anyone you think has been under or over valued?

4) 2022 Beer Mile World Classics

We take a look at the men's and women's races, and the tipple of choice for the World Classics Beer Mile from last year. Perhaps a dataset to enjoy with a brew in hand?

Yes, that's right, 4 different datasets to wet the appetite with. There really is something for everyone in this month's challenge.

You can find a copy of all the different datasets on the #SportsVizSunday repository here. They will also be hosted in the #GamesNightViz repo too, so you can download them from wherever you prefer.

SportsVizSunday would like to extend our thank you's to the GamesNightViz team for pulling the datasets together.

A few of the finer details:

- Deadline for submissions is the 10th February 2023.

- If you get involved, post your entry to Twitter & LinkedIn and don't forget to use the hashtags #SportsVizSunday & #GamesNightViz (Feel free to tag any of the initiative leaders too if you like!)

We cannot wait to see what you all create and a massive thank you again to Will, Tina and Louis for partnering with us this month.

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