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Weekly Roundup 10.15.23

Welcome sports and data viz fans to another #SportsVizSunday round-up and what a sporting week it has been. From international football, to NFL matches in London the quality on show has been incredible, but for me the stand out action has been at the Rugby World Cup. Simply wow. Teams going head to head and no one giving an inch. Having watched Ireland versus New Zealand and (currently watching) France versus South Africa, it feels like every game has the billing worthy of a final.

From big hitting action on the field to big hitting action with the data vizzes. This week I start with an XG analysis by Ansgar Wolsing. Those of you who follow #SportsVizSunday will no doubt be familiar with Ansgar's work, but if I have said it once, I will say it one hundred times, his work is a joy to view. The clarity of the visuals, the call outs and the labelling, it is just on the money.

Finishing up with the football vizzes this week, we have this Erling Haaland shot map by Ninad Barbadikar.

From football in Europe to the fastest NFL plays this season by Brett Stupakevich, visualised in a pretty cool way too!

Last up on the viz front this week we have this beauty of a vertical distribution looking at the unique scores in Michigan football history by William Watkins.

Before signing off there is something pretty cool to share... The NFL Big Data Bowl 2024. What's that I hear you say?

"The National Football League (NFL) is back with another Big Data Bowl, where contestants use Next Gen Stats player tracking data to generate actionable, creative, and novel stats. Previous iterations have analyzed running backs, defensive backs, special teams, and pass rush plays, and have generated metrics that have been used on television and by NFL teams. This year's competition focuses on one area that we have yet to … tackle …"

The data set looks immense and there are sure to be some amazing analysis and vizzes created from it.

That's it for this week, in between now and next Sunday we have more Rugby World Cup, more Cricket World Cup, what more could a sports fan wish for?!

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