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Weekly Round-Up 1.24.2021

It‘s Sunday. The week has been jam packed with amazing sporting data viz. So let’s get ready to rumble and dive straight into our weekly showcase!

First up let’s enjoy the vizzes created as part of our #SportsVizSunday monthly challenge, which this month is focused on all things Premier League and Women’s Super League.

I really enjoyed the clarity of design within this small multiple by Ryan Soares, although every-time I see analysis of transfer spending it makes me wonder how long teams can carry on like this 🤔

Sticking with the theme of transfers, Aashique did an equally impressive job of keeping the design clean with his viz. I particularly like the use of a gantt line for the overall spend whilst still showing the individual transfers as a dot plot; there is some great interactivity too.

Next up was this striking design by Abhishek Sahu who combined a number of this month’s datasets to explore profiles of Premier League clubs for the 20/21 season.

I always find some of the most impressive vizzes come when people combine community initiatives, and this was the case for Simon Rowe who combined the #IronQuest theme of passion with the Premier League data to provide in depth analysis of each club. As always with Simon the design was fantastic, complimented by great analysis and engaging interactivity.

Before we move off of the subject of football (it’s a Brit writing the blog this week) let’s not forget this roundup is to showcase any sporting data vizzes we have enjoyed, not just those tagged with #SportsVizSunday. Again, as part of #IronQuest, Torben Kraft created the viz about how to use data in amateur football. A really useful guide to help inspire people.

Two more left on the football theme; this viz by Yash Raj Sakhuja visualised playing 11s did various formations, no doubt there will be plenty of debate on the starting 11 he went with, no Harry Kane?!

And the last football viz this week is ‘football compasses’ by Mo Wootten, analysing numerous playing measures to explore how styles differ across teams. The level of detail in the viz is immense!

Right, that’s football ✅ now onto the rest of the sporting data viz for the week.

CJ Mayes will be well known to us all so it will come as no surprise that his latest viz is outstanding. I absolutely adore his use of a circular bracket to show how Serena Williams aka 🐐 won Wimbledon in 2016.

Staying with tennis, Tom Smith was inspired by CJ to create a circular sankey of Wimbledon champions over the last 100 years. A hat tip to Tom for the honesty of his post, acknowledging this was a way of exploring creativity as opposed to best practice but still being open to feedback. Check out his v2 to see how he evolved the design.

The king of Reddit, Bo McCready dropped by to show a timeline of every game in the MLB career of Hank Aaron. RIP #44

For any fans of MLB following Daren Willman is a must. This week the MLB’s director of research and development spoilt us with this analysis of Joe Musgrove's career strikeouts by location and pitch type.

It’s been a big week for our American friends, what with #POTUS46, so let’s stay in the USA with this viz by Jeff Plattner who showcased the dominance of DeVonta Smith in college football this year.

From college football to NFL with Samuel Epley and his predictions for the NFL Playoffs.

Next up NBA, and you know instantly to check out anything published by former IronViz finalist Corey Jones. His ’Lineup Lockdown’ viz contains some fantastic analysis and its a great example of storypoints in action 👏

Keeping with NBA the guru of all things Tableau Prep, Carl Allchin presented at #VizConnect this week, showcasing the benefits of Prep, using his Steph Curry and the Warriors viz as his example. Some fantastic prep advice and a fantastic viz!

<And breathe> ... showcasing all the weekly content is definitely a marathon and not a sprint but we are nearing the home stretch.

Vignesh Suresh explored attendances for NHL games since 2000 through the use of a really bold, yet clean, bump chart.

Moving back to the British Isles and a shout out to Rugby Union fan, Ross Waterhouse who explored playing styles of the Premiership Rugby through the use of a ternary plot. Analysis that good and it is only his 6th and 7th Tableau Public vizzes 😲

And for our final content this week, a hat tip to the amazing Rob Carroll who now has his full ‘Tableau for Sport’ video catalogue available via his website. Rob is one of the best out there so it’s well worth checking out.

So that’s it! The marathon has been run and we cannot thank you enough for another amazing week of sports vizzes. Don’t forget the January challenge has another week left and it’s be fantastic to see some WSL vizzes showcasing women’s football.

I’ll sign off with a tip, I see so many amazing vizzes that still have the Tableau auto mobile layout applied. Whilst the functionality can be really powerful, for creative vizzes it can often negatively impact your experience when viewing a viz on your phone. So don’t forget before publishing, auto preview the viz in desktop, mimicking the mobile experience and if it doesn’t do your viz justice, remove the layout!

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