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Weekly Roundup 09.10.23

Welcome, everyone to our latest #sportsvizsunday weekly round-up. The main sporting action in the Rowe household this week has been the US Open. There have been some fantastic matches over the last couple of weeks and yesterdays Women's final between Coco Gauff and Aryna Sabalenka produced some captivating moments. I don't think I've heard an atmosphere and noise quite like it before.

As I look forward to todays Men's final I can't help feeling a little disappointed it's not the 'dream final' of Djokovic versus Alcaraz. Let's hope that Medvedev can produce the same tennis that allowed him to challenge, and beat Djokovic in 2021. For those watching the game tonight, check out how far Medvedev stands behind the baseline during a point. I'm pretty certain that would be outside the court (or at least against the fence) at my local club! Let's move on to the round-up.

First up, we have our maiden entry into the latest, #SportsvizSunday challenge and we kick off with an absolute cracker from Rob Taylor. Rob uses a Sankey diagram to visualise the recent Women's Netball World Championship. While the design is top-notch quality the addition of interactivity to highlight individual teams is what takes this viz to the next level. Great use case for a Sankey, and thanks for entering the challenge, Rob!

Despite a disappointing US Open campaign, Andy Murray reached the not inconsiderable landmark achievement of 200 Grand Slam wins. In this viz, Jenny Martin summarises those results and compares them with legends of the game, Nadal, Federer and Djokovic. There are so many fascinating insights and the great use of the unfilled bars provides an immediate sense of each player's domination during this unparalleled era of tennis.

Fans of the English men's football team will acknowledge we can be a negative lot. Topping the latest Euro qualification group with a healthy advantage over Italy and Ukraine would be seen by most countries as a positive scenario. Not for fans of the Three Lions, however. The latest result, a 0-0 draw against Ukraine has brought about the usual criticism of ponderous, unimaginative play with a lack of creation. I wonder if fans of the German national team look on at England's position with a degree of envy as results under latest manager, Hansi Flick have stuttered of late. In this viz, Ansgar Wolsing plots the progression of the most recent German managers. It's clear to see that after a positive start, there is work to do. Great job, Ansgar!

The wonderful Krisztina Szucs shares her process for making these wonderful animated stacked triangle charts in this article. I just love how addictive these charts are as the progression of a match is played out. The other beauty of these is the potential for application in essentially any sporting contest.

A quick shout out to those who might have missed this on X (I guess I should move with the times). Friend on the team Jeff Plattner is looking for some merchandise sales data. If anyone knows where to point Jeff, please reach out to him.

I was overjoyed on Tuesday to see #SportsVizSunday colleague and (not seen often enough) friend, Mo Wooten deservedly receiving #VOTD recognition for this amazing radial progress chart. A stunning, elegant design that would grace any sporting fans wall of fame should their chosen team triumph. Walthamstow F.C. FA Cup Winners - 2023/24?!?!

We end this week's round-up on that wonderful note. Happy sporting endeavours for the week ahead, everybody and don't forget the challenge. It would be great to see more submissions through on these two fantastic sports.

Simon and the #SportsVizSunday team.

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