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Weekly Roundup 08.06.2023

Good morning all - welcome back to another SportsVizSunday round up,

Two huge home nation news this week, as we have the continuation of the World Cup (football) as well as England reaching the World Cup final in Netball. If you missed it last week, Abbie made this really compelling visual on the schedule and results to keep track of the games that have now secured England the chance for gold. England have won bronze six times, including at the last three World Cups. By contrast, there has never been a World Cup final without Australia. I'll be sure to dial in later this afternoon to give it a watch.

Kickstarting this weeks round up we have a rising star in SportsVizSunday Dan Wade. Dan looks at Lewis pole positioning, with each mark making up the 104 Banner. Check the full visual out for the split between Mercedes and Mclaren.

Moving into the cricketing world,

James uses cricsheet data to create these wonderful chord diamgrams. The variety in chord sizes doesn't just make for a pretty print, but help emphasis innings of strong individual batting performance, and shifts in momentum by quick successive wickets.

I love the supplementary line chart of runs with the wicket overlay, adding context to the game.

Vignesh joins the pairing, with this Sachin Tendulkar 100 viz. An incredible feat to hit 100 centuries since his debut for the Indian team age 16. Each layer of Vignesh's small multiple showcases the type of match, the result, number of runs and whether it was home or away ground. I think I'm even more impressed there are a few 200+ scores in there!

Yash turns our attention to highlight the economics of sport. Glad to see Yash utilise different tools to collect his data! Sometimes we forget the prep work that goes into our visualisations so this serves as a friendly reminder of the variety of tools individuals use.

I do love a table, so enjoy the simplicity to highlighting fees, transfer teams and other attributes around offerings compared to current value! Some mind blowing numbers in there. The Mbappe saga continues, we'll see where he lands.

The last visual this week comes from Simon Beaumont who is the mask behind the P04 Pompey Stats twitter page. He released 4 new vizzes this week on the public page below you can find two of my favourites.

The first looks at opening day match since the 2000's. No doubt always an interesting game when teams get found out quickly for their pre-season, mixed with the excitement of returning to the ground and crowd emotion always makes for some pretty crazy results. Let's hope that 30% win rate sees some improvements.

The second visual looks at tenure with team. Dig into this visual. Does a new team have more excitement, a buzz around the team? Or do long lasting legs leave the team with natural leaders, club legends and team structure? Maybe the 50:50 split will see the team benefit from both.

Lastly, I had the great pleasure of sitting down with Will Sutton a few weeks back to look at shot zones in Tableau. You can find it on his youtube page, else here is a blog write up that I released earlier this week.

And that's it for this week! Time for me to get that Sunday run in before an afternoon of watching sport.

Take care,

CJ & the #SportsVizSunday team

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