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Weekly Roundup 07.16.2023

Hello hello #SportsVizSundayers.

I just caught the end of Alcaraz's incredible victory over Djokovic in the Wimbledon men's singles, which contained some fabulous tennis. Together with Vondrousova's victory in the women's singles yesterday, that makes two new winners at the tournament this year - a great time for tennis as a whole I'd say!

It's also been another great time for some sporting visualisations, so here's this week's roundup.

First out of the gate is Dan with his visualisation showing how many steps he covered while at the British Grand Prix. I really like Dan's inspiration for this viz - had he walked enough for a lap? - and how he has shown the first lap in outlined dots and then the second lap in filled dots. That's a very decent amount of steps covered too - I wondered how many steps it would take to cover a full race of laps?

Next up is becca b's visualisation of the international women's football scene which is absolutely stuffed with insight and lovely design features. The main draw is the bump chart showing the continuing dominance of the USA, and then using different colours to identify the changing fortunes of some of the USA's closest competitors. I really like how becca has then brought out even more of the narrative with the bar and line charts, which continue with the same colour scheme. Very elegant! Also should be a must-read before the Women's World Cup this summer!

Kirk Munroe has dived into F1 and asked the question of why Ricciardo has rejoined Red Bull now? I'm not a close follower of F1 but I was drawn into Kirk's exploration through his impactful visualisation and well constructed question and answer narrative. Simple but very effective. I'll be following Ricciardo's performances to see whether Kirk is on the money...

Next along is Aakarsh's #SportsVizSunday and #IronQuest visualisation about Roger Federer. This visualisation is a wonderful work of art and combines lots of interesting graph types. I spent a lot of time looking across the two Voronoi squares, and I love the split doughtnut/circle graphs for serve and return. This is a perfect way to visualise something that is relatively complicated - not only the number of games served and returned on each surface, but the percent of points won on serve and return games too. There's so much to combine and think about. I also like Aakarsh's colour scheme throughout which not allows the different parts of each part to have their own highlights, but also gives room for a unique colour for each tennis court surface which is then used throughout too.

The Tour de France is currently underway and Althype Data are looking at the race for the polka dot jersey, awarded to the King of the Mountains (whoever gets the most points in the mountain stages). This is a great use for a highlighted line chart, and the small mulitples for historical comparisons too. Although Powless was clear on top at the time, he's currently tied for the jersey with Ciccone. Could be feisty in the mountains!

It's not just visualisations this week - we also have a tutorial from the unstoppable CJ Mayes. This is part of CJ's ongoing tutorials about football metrics and Tableau, and this week he is covering rolling xG charts. Check it out here!

Last but definitely not least is a brilliant football video which you might have seen doing the rounds on social media recently. It's well worth a watch - very clever, and a brilliant advert for the game.

See you next week folks!

Mo & the #SportsVizSunday crew

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