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Weekly Roundup 05.14.2023

Hi all,

Happy Sunday and welcome back to another SportsVizSunday. For those of you that have been living under a rock I'm happy to talk about the big news. Yes that's right, West Ham are on the brink of a Europa League final!! Okay, so not that big maybe, so the other big news is many community members will have just finished at Tableau Conference this week.

I'm so pleased to see community members come together and share their love for data and Tableau. The keynote especially is well worth a watch on Salesforce + to see what the future landscape of data may look and feel like with the progressions made with AI. I want to give a special shout out to Simon Beaumont, SportsVizSunday co-founder who presented not once but twice out in LV this week one on industry work the second on Interactive dashboards.

Hopefully we will get the whole SportsVizSunday team out to next years event in San Diego, who knows!

Onto content this week.

First up, Tom Smith. Tom looks at Formula 1 Position Changes using a rank bump chart. I like Toms choice to add circles for each pit stop, making it more obvious for where there may be changes in position number. For example Albon pitstop on 22 came after a fall in rank, compared to Stroll on 42 or Gasly on 15. Verstappen making light of the race in Miami leading from the front for the most part. All in all a great visual, and so pleased Tom took extra care with alignment of the other components on the dashboard!

Gian is after some NBA data that has no API's. If you could reach out to him that would be awesome. We have a fantastic community and I just know there are people with a whole bunch of NBA data.

Gian. This uses the NBA data but the API is in a package so doesn't require authentication just python code, as does this snippet of code. As to not just plug my own website, here are a few other resources. Basketball reference is always a good one, and there is no shame in a good old fashion copy and paste job from itself. Drop any other suggestions you have in the thread or reach out to Gian directly!

Chris Westlake looks at Chris Ashtons premiership tries records across the 14 seasons he had with 6 different clubs celebrating being the first player to score over 100 tries. A really nice composition this one being able to fade the 'gaps' in matches with the grey line with the no-score matches offset in grey against the brighter greens for scoring games.

One thing I do want to call out about this piece as a well done is that Chris has correctly used a sum calculation across his view to be able to add the number of tries as there were sometimes more than one per match.

Well done to both the Chris'!

Jeb caught the attention of Mo and his FPL obsession this week. Jeb looks at where most keepers get their points from, be it appearances, saves, performance or even bonus points. Whilst it may be fairly obvious appearance points make up the main bulk of this, saves and performance have similar percentages, that become even more interesting when split by keeper and the different filters Jeb has made available.

Looks like me picking Pope wasn't the worst decision.... but was it optimal? dive in Jebs viz to find out.

Following up on footy content we have FootyVizFanatic use Opta and Fbref data to showcase clubs performance across seasons in terms of xG accumulated and expected finish within the table. I like the choice of adding in context per season almost like a mini summary / highlight - it helps give context to the boxplot visuals. Stacking the boxplots vertically makes for the reader to be able to compare by season and see trends in overall shape. And very nice attention given to the ends of the box plot focussing on winning position and xG.

Closing out this week in typical style shouting out my own website. I won't hear the end of it from Beaumont now. But in all seriousness, if you're into your running I have a bunch of new Strava content on the horizon, would love for you to check it out in weeks to come. And on that note, I'm off for a run.

Take Care,

CJ and the #SportsVizSunday team.

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