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Weekly Roundup 04.07.2024

Welcome back sports fans. How is everyone doing?

I am really loving the sports content everyone has been producing recently, such great range in visual styles - the team and I are so excited each week to showcase individuals visuals. Lately I've noticed that I've been watching a variety of different sports and I can only imagine that has been a knock on effect from getting to indulge in these blogs and the visuals piquing my interest, so I am very thankful for the community.

As you well know, the team tend to start the blog off with a sporting highlight from the week. (You know the usual waffle around Portsmouth football club if Beaumont writes it)

For this week I want to highlight what is such an incredible feat of a man running the whole length of Africa and is meant to finish today, Russ Cook. It is literally insane what the body can go through... let alone me thinking about the logistics of having to get so many visas signed off. Anyway, there is a great YouTube series on the whole thing. Check it out - well worth the time.

Okay, onto the bit you're here for.

We kick off this week with an update on Adam's running status.

Congratulations on a much more consistent March with only a few 2 day breaks in there for recovery. More than half of Adams runs in Q1 have come from March!

Keep bringing that dark blue to the chart Adam.

Sidharth brings us a football evolution dashboard.

A great use of a parameter to change the focus on the era, the color and the attention of the visual. Can you believe how much the matches per year has skyrocketted?

Find out how the global game has seen changes in team performance.

Bo joins this week to showcase the clash between Clark & Reese in the WBB, between Iowa and LSU. I love when someone utilises multiple chart techniques in one with the idea of the shape files, the lollipop chart and the Gantt overlay. Interesting to look at the points separation and rebound differences before then diving into the chart to look at court time overlays and chances. Fantastic as always, Bo!

Yasushi also looks at basketball, but focuses on the NCAA 3pt championships. Check out the video linked at the bottom of the visual if you've never seen it. It is a combination of different 3 pt court positions and include money balls. Simply put, the more baskets the higher the score. Looks like Keisei Tominaga comes out on top this time round!

If you're into baseball check out this post around baseball on Linkedin. The hex map spray chart is one of my favourites. Here are the featured authors.

Just make sure to use the hashtag #SportsVizSunday so we can see it.

To close out the blog, a few things I've seen in the wider sports community that were interesting.

This piece by Georgios would make a great pub quiz question. In my head I had imagined Athens would come out on top for most times hosting the games (origination effect maybe) But seemingly Paris will tie with London come summer time.

Georgios is well worth the follow, especially for the on going 30 day chart challenge!

Another 30 day chart challenge comes from Joe creating a tube map inspired World Cup. I love the idea behind translating "every day things" (okay yes maybe only us Londoners see the tube map often) that we recognise into new art. Creative in design & simple in interpretation, that's what we love to see.

Finally, some table tennis trajectory tracking. So cool, and goes to show that data visualisation can have many forms.

I just wish we had the underlying data for so many more racket sports, If you know any, get in touch! (especially tennis, *cough* courtvision please release the grandslam tennis data *cough*)

That's it for this week. Hope you enjoy your Sunday.

Take care,

CJ & the #SportsVizSunday team

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