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Weekly Roundup 04.14.2024

Welcome back sports fans. How is everyone doing?

A big milestone in weekly round-ups this week, with this being the 200th post. Of course, SportsVizSunday was running long prior to those posts in weekly threads on Twitter but it's great to see the longevity of shining a line on individuals contributions into the community.

What a week of sport this week. I have been glued to my seat with darts. football and golf watching - to the point where I have even skipped watching the tennis (Otherwise I literally would be glued to the TV all weekend!)

Lets jump in to see what the community have shared this week.

Gregg looks to summarise 10 years of Dwight Gooden's seasons with the NY Mets. I love the interactivity between the charts so that you can dive into specific seasons, stadiums or opponents - Framed in the classic Met Orange and Navy.

Nick looks at the contribution of goalkeepers in possession. The heatmap pitches are becoming increasingly popular, but I love that Nick has added in additional context when it comes to the bars at the top and side to show frequency as well as the subtle details captured in the circle & gant relative player rankings.

Kim turns the focus to the NCAA and Caitlin Clarks season. The scatterplot works so well here to emphasis how far Caitlin was ahead on points and assists ahead of the rest of the competition. Glad to see that her performance has led to a incredible sporting moment in number of views.

I take a look at some WHOOP data over the period of January, trying to build it aesthetically to match some of the digital reports they create.

Closing out on something seen in the wider sporting community this week include this postcard mapping of the Tour de France courtesy of Felix Lowe. Data visuals come in many forms!

Hope you've had a lovely Sunday.

Take care,

CJ & the #SportsVizSunday team

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