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Weekly Roundup 05.05.2024

Happy Sunday all. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. We have a bank holiday here in the UK tomorrow, so looking forward to some additional down time. I am sure there are many that are recharging their social batteries post San Diego TC 24. I hope everyone had an amazing week.

The FOMO was real, but I heard it was one of the most wonderful conferences for Tableau in years and all the pictures and posts looked amazing. I love the passion that comes with the community.

Not that he needs a shoutout, with his new found fame, but I do want to give a special shout out to Chris Westlake (previous SportsVizSunday host!) for his winning entry in Iron Viz. Truly Beautiful design for the IMDb explorer.

Now onto a short round up this week due to lots of Tableau travelling fans,

SportsVizSunday regular, Ansgar looks at Marco Reus career, paying homage to a fantastic 12 years. A very consistent impact of goals and assists over the years, with 2014 being the pinnacle. Great to see he will go down a legend in BVB history.

I am enjoying the use of BANs this week from Vignesh to highlight some of the achievements from Sri Lankan Cricket team, as well as their multiple final successes.

Check out the smaller charts to see which teams Sri Lanka had better W/L ratios against.

Mike Cisneros is looking for help with his bayesian prediction contest that he used to run on Tableau Prep and Public for World Cups and Euro's.

It's pretty much built out but would need to be updated for the Euro '24 matches and then updated after each game.

SportsVizSunday fans - is anyone wanting to take this on?? If so please reach out directly to Mike Cisneros, or through Simon Rowe if you haven't been acquainted and would like an intro.

Just take a look how amazing the dashboard is!

Closing out this week on something different again,

This video is incredible for its overlay `bars and storytelling for context on how hard it is for a human to hit a baseball in elite sport. I am honestly shocked at the little margin of error! Check it out and let me know if theres any similar videos you've seen like this one worth sharing!

Speak soon and take care,

CJ and the Sports Viz Sunday team

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