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Weekly Roundup 04.23.2023

Welcome to this weeks #sportsvizsunday round-up and before we get going on the submissions I'm still trying to catch my breath from what must be one of the games of the season on Friday. The 3-3 draw between Arsenal and Southampton ultimately did neither team any favours but it sure was entertaining! One thing the result does do is make the situation very clear for Arsenal–they now have to go to Manchester City having to win. This clarity of thought might actually be a benefit. We will see with eager anticipation what happens this coming Wednesday.

Just Stop Oil managed to raise the profile of World Championship Snooker by interrupting and ultimately delaying a match by invading the arena and detonating orange powder all over the snooker table. I'm not going to comment on the rights or wrongs of any such protest but it saddens me slightly that access to sports (and sports stars) we love will become that much more limited if their safety can't be guaranteed. Who wants to see glass screens at The Crucible or fences back at Football?

Finally, good luck to anyone taking part in the London Marathon today. The closest I've got to competing is standing by the side of the road in Greenwich with a bacon sandwich in hand, cheering the thousands of runners going past. You all have my utmost respect and admiration.

Onto the round-up and does any emotion come close to the feeling of joy when your team scores a last-second winner?! This fantastic looking small multiple design from Ben Norland explores the "super-clutch" shooters in the NBA. Looking great visually but with a ton of interaction included this is well worth a look

It's fair to say that Erling Haaland has had an impact in the Premier League this season and as every record falls he is getting pretty close to some fairly monumental ones. What I love about this tracker from Joris is the futuristic look into what Haaland has to do in the remaining games to break these final few records AND it's being updated daily. Bookmark and review as each game passes. Great work Joris!

The Data Visualization Society shared this fascinating post from Teresa Hebron in which she created a patchwork quilt based on Ice Skating competition data. Crafts, data and sport all rolled into one cosy quilt. Amazing!

Time to dust off those economics textbooks as Soccerment computes the Gini coefficient for all the main leagues across Europe (and wider) as it attempts to understand the balance of competition for each of the leagues.

What follows is an incredible resource that Dom Samangy has compiled. Covering multiple languages from R and Python to Tableau and SQL and numerous tutorials, blogs and videos this offers something for those starting in sports analytics and visualisation, anyone looking to advance their skills and experienced coders alike. Simple to navigate and consume this deserves a huge round of applause.

That's all for this week folks. Hope you all have a fantastic week ahead and see you back here next Sunday!

Simon and the #sportsvizsunday team

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