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Weekly Roundup 03.03.2024

Welcome back to another week of sporting content. My favourite highlights from the week was watching the premier league darts Thursday night ... yes not sure why i'm so big on the darts now, I think it has been the Luke Littler effect.

The second highlight was watching the F1 in what was a pretty convincing win from Max and Redbull, with a gap of 22 seconds in front of Perez. Im excited to see what F1 visuals we have in coming weeks!

To start the round-up this week, I wanted to say a huge congratulations to Simon Beaumont for becoming a HoF Visionary. For those that may be new to SportsVizSunday, Simon was actually one of the creators of SportsVizSunday, back in 2018 alongside James & Spencer. It is so pleasing to see him get recognised for his contributions across Tableau, and everything he does for the community beyond the sports initiatives and wonderful Tableau designs.

Simon really embodies helping others in the community and I am personally grateful for the amount of effort he has invested in me, and others - as friends, colleagues and sports fans. Congratulations Simon on your Hall of Fame.

We open this week on the F1.

Anastasiya looks at car damages across the F1. I love the design of the Table here, where you can click to sort based on the different dimensions. The scatter plots are a really interesting touch, when we start to think about correlation and causation. DNF's could signal crashes as therefore damage to cars, but salary of drivers may not be directly linked to car damage even if salary is a proxy for how good a driver tends to be. Click into Anastasiya's visual to see where the different individuals rank!

Following up on the F1 is this visual from Kirk.

Kirks visual has 3 different ways of viewing the data, Best Car, Best Driver and Best Driver relative to Team mate. For me the third view is one of the most interesting here, to see the gap of average pole position. It may not come as a surprise Max is 6 clear of his teammate.

Strava Kudos is the new cool thing. Running doesn't count if its not logged on Strava!

This simple block color and shape helps Adam keep track of his runs from this year. Wishing Adam continued success with the runs. I reckon he could do 1000km by year end, what do you think?

Jeff shifts attention to the womens NCAA. Jeff uses stars to signal where Caitlin has scored 40pt or more in a game, most recently with 49 pts against Michigan, with 9 3pointers. Loving Jeffs choice to limit the palette to just gold and silver tones to acompany the greyscale imagery.

Ben treats us to another fantastic visual this week looking at players that outperform their expected goals. This is definitely one to take your time with, hovering the tooltips offers wonderful yearly context to see which players are continuously performing beyond expected.

It's only right to open and close the visuals out this week with Simon.

Turns out leagues do exist beyond the Premier League, and being a true fan of one club is a thing. I should take note.

Anyway, turns out pompey are half decent this year and Simon is excited that his team are contenders for the title. Dive into the visual to see who may have the toughest run over weeks to come.

To close out the blog - do note there are many opportunities to get involved in outside of the sporting world. Perhaps consider merging your passion for sport and films in the DataFamCon challenge.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend whatever you get up too.

Take care,

CJ & the Sports Viz Sunday Team

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