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Weekly Round-Up 3.7.2021

Welcome to the first weekly round up of March. I've got some great content to share with you from the last week!

It's a new month, so there is a new monthly challenge! This month we have teamed up with Diversity in Data and Project Health Viz to offer you 3 datasets on adaptive sport. Find the data here and don't forget to submit your entry to our tracker. The Tableau Healthcare User Group are offering a brilliant prize to those who participate. See below for details!

We've already seen a fantastic entry for this month's challenge. Saverio looks at the UK's record at the Paralympics.

English cricket had a week to forget at the end of February. Rob Radburn takes a look at just how badly things went in India.

Ferran Morales looks at the incredible career of Novak Djokovic in this superb tennis viz on LinkedIn. It's an excellent example of how information can be displayed clearly, while being surrounded by an excellent design.

In this viz Masato looks at the NBA finals from the last 40 years. It really is a work of art!

Kyle Hooper shared his first Tableau Public viz on LinkedIn. He's definitely one to watch in the future!

In this golf viz Riley Martin looks at driving distances and the impact that changes to rules could make to the sport.

Finally, Brendan Kent shared an extensive list of sources for free sports data. Be sure to check this out. It's amazing how much is available and great to have a list like this to keep it all in one piece.

That's all for this week folks. Have a good one!


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