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Weekly Round-Up 2.28.2021

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Hard to believe that we are at the end of February! Hope everyone had a great week, here are the sports visualizations that caught my eye this week.

First up we have this great entry from @mo_wootten for the Feb NFL challenge. Mo does a great job visualizing the spend splits between offense and defense.

@GorazdSurla also created a viz for the February challenge. Gorazd looked offensive & defensive positions with the highest cap hit in 2020 by player with this Tableau visualization. I like the creative approach with this one!

Next up is @rjweise. I enjoy learning more about biathlon from RJ and dig this viz on the North American success.

Happy Birthday to frequent SVS contributor @aashique_s! This week Aashique looks at goals scored and goals against in 15 minute game intervals for Premier League teams. I like the how easy it is to understand this viz.

This view of the distribution of player ages by NHL teams by @sound_hockey shared by @NHLtoSeattle is pretty cool. Amazing that Chara is still lacing them up at 43! Check out the this article to see the full analysis.

I'm a big fan of @darenw and this caught visual on the difference between the MLB 2020 & 2021 travel schedule my eye this week. Gives me hope that we'll be in a more normal existence soon.

Thanks to @JtothaVizzo & @dataNOTdoctrine for guest hosting the February challenge! Keep in mind that we keep prior data sets up on the website, so you can always create and share a visualization in March or July with this month's data set.

Keep your eye out on Twitter tomorrow for information on our March challenge. We're partnering up with both #DiversityinData and #ProjectHealthViz on a cross-project challenge.

Have a great week!


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