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Weekly Round-Up 2.14.2021

Hey everyone - hope you all are having a great weekend. For those of you getting lots of snow recently (like myself), try and stay warm! Maybe you can grab that cup of hot chocolate and check out some of this week's great #SportsVizSunday content. Enjoy!

First off I wanted to give a shoutout to our own Chris Westlake for creating our challenge tracker with the most updated entries. Make sure that you are filling out our participant form so that we can track your participation!

Riley Martin gives a shout-out to the Great One, Wayne Gretzky using some fun animations and radial dot plots.

CJ Mayes is absolutely a man on a mission right now. This LPGA viz continues his hot streak!

Nicolas shows off his technical acumen with this great scorecard style viz using the data from this month's NFL Salary Cap and Draft data set.

Alex Varmalov continues his "how the **** does he do that" streak with this analysis of men's and women's soccer spatial data.

Last week's #PreppinData challenge came from last December's #SportsVizSunday data set on LPGA and PGA tour data. Check out the challenge in Jenny's tweet below!

Although the list Samuel used to get best college hoops rivalries vastly underrated the Cincinnati- Xavier rivalry (Crosstown Shootout), this viz is not underrated in the slightest!

From the number of vizzes about Tom Brady this past week, did he win another Super Bowl or something!? Here's a couple for those TB12 fans.

Brian Moore shows off his design and storytelling skills with this viz breaking down the salary cap of each NFL team in such a distinctly unique Brian way.

Neil Richards shows his artist genius again with the Premier League squad visualized as flowers! Super creative way to show this data.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted work to #SportsVizSunday. YOU ALL are the initiative, we just get to have fun facilitating it. Have a great week!

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