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Weekly Round-up 12.26.2021

Hard to believe this is our last weekly round-up for 2021. Thank you to everyone who participated in our monthly challenges and tagged us in their sports related data visualization work on Twitter. We love seeing the visualizations & stories you share each week.

We're highlighting 13 different visualizations for sports ranging from football (both kinds) to geocaching.

This is an interesting visualization from David on Messi's goal rate per season. The radial arc chart isn't something I have seen before and I enjoyed learning more about his goal scoring by season, league, and game. I spent a lot of time with the exploring the tool tips.

Check out this thread from Anthony on the AFC North NFL teams chance to win the division. This is an neat way to depict this information. Be sure to read the thread Anthony includes different variations of the same chart in the thread.

Tim plotted xG for/against for FPL. As a non FPL (or even PL watcher) I found this chart easy to understand. The color choices and annotations are helpful.

Simon re-created this football training load dashboard in Tableau public and there are a lot of great design choices in this visualization. The BANs with the trend charts are fantastic. Very well done Simon!

Aakarsh created this Tableau visualization that shows Australia's dominance in ODI & Test cricket from 1997-2009. There is a lot of great information in this visualization.

We got two visualizations from Darragh this week.

First up is this visualization of Jan Frodeno's career. Darragh created a great design that flows nicely through the introduction, to the the global dominance, to the bump charts through the different disciplines of a triathlon. Well done!

The second one looks at the FPL (fantasy Premier League) season of Mohamed Salah. It will be interesting to see if he surpasses his own record 2017/18 season.

Ashley created her on Strava year in review viz using Tableau public. The individual route maps are very cool!

Yash created an arc chart to show the average length of goal kicks for the Premier League. It is an interesting and effective way to show the distribution of the kick lengths.

I was excited to see this visualization from Mo. I'm a big Tableau Prep Builder fan and was excited to see Mo use Prep for this data set. I was also excited to see a visualization in Arabic. Great work Mo!

Mark created this heatmap visualization to show where the ball is after 10 seconds of possession for the Premier League teams. I love a good heatmap visualization and this is a great use of it.

Veronica created this Tableau Public dashboard that looks at the increase in gender parity at the Olympic games. I like the interactivity and design choices Veronica made. The medal BANs are great!

James used StatsBomb data to create these small multiple plots of non penalty xG for and against for the Premier League teams.

I love the simplicity and fun in this visualization from Anne-Sophie on geocaching. Her viz also peaked my interest in geocaching and our SVS team made an executive decision that we're including it as a sport.

I hope those of you who celebrate Christmas had a wonderful holiday and that everyone enjoys New Years. Looking forward to a new year of #SportsVizSunday challenges and to being inspired by everything our community creates!

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