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Weekly Round-Up 12.04.2022

Welcome #SportsVizSunday fans to another weekly round-up of the best sports viz from across the data community.

Before jumping into the viz let's take a moment to reflect on what has been a memorable 7 days across the sporting world. For me Bazball in Pakistan with England breaking all types of records and upset after upset at the World Cup are examples of what makes sports so addictive. The unpredictability, the chance to re-write the rules, all of that is only possible because of the skill of the men and women who dedicate their lives to entertaining us all.

Speaking of entertainment, let's get onto the vizzes and of course we start with the World Cup.

Nir Smilga analysed the upsets across the group stages at the last 7 World Cups group stages. I love the use of colour and this is an example of a log scale done well and there are so many great stories amongst the matches analysed.

Michael Dunphy analysed the costs of most expensive World Cups and his viz demonstrates how clear and insightful an annotated scatter can be when done well.

Now John Burn-Murdoch requires no introductions, his work speaks for itself and this week he continued to inspire us, this time with analysis of the permutations of the final matches across the World Cup group stages. Simply wow. It is a perfect example of how to distill an absolute bucket load of data points into easy, accessible, visuals.

Last up for the World Cup we have Juan Pablo Morales Garcia-Izquierdo who produced this analysis of the group stages and the squads, including some great use of cards to analyse the players.

It feels like we cannot go a week on #SportsVizSunday without showcasing the talented work of Todd Whitehead and this week Todd treated us to a visual analysis of week by week standings of the Eastern Conference.

Moving from football to F1. F1 Charts by Mateusz Karmalski analysed the 2022 head to head of team-mates across the paddock. You have to feel for Perez when going up against Max every week, especially when Max ignores team orders now and again!

Beyond vizzes, this week CJ, Simon and myself (we missed you Mo and Kate) hosted "A Question Of SportsVizSunday" at the Tableau community event, VizIt London. We were joined by over 100 people to use Tableau to analyse a Premier League data set and find the answers to some pre-set questions. Thanks to everyone who joined us, if you want to take find the answers for yourself, you can take the quiz using the Tableau Public workbook uploaded to CJ's profile.

Last up from the whole team at #SportsVizSunday we wanted to pass our congratulations on to the winners of the Sports and Leisure category within the 2022 InformationIsBeautiful Awards. The awards are always the pinnacle of the data viz year, and having been away for a few years, this years longlist and winners didn't disappoint. Congats to Joey Cherdarchuk for winning gold, Gabrielle Ione Hickmon for Bronze and a massive hat tip to Krisztina Szűcs for Silver. We have had the pleasure of featuring a lot of Krisztina's work across our round-ups and we couldn't be happier for her to once again receive such well deserved recognition of her talents.

That's it for the weekly round-up this week. I am off to watch to settle in front of the TV and watch the big game of the day, obviously I mean Portsmouth away at Wycombe, oh yes and the Three Lions last 16 match later today. #ItsComingHome


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