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Weekly Round-Up 11.27.2022

Hi all,

Happy Sunday - I hope everyone has had a refreshing weekend so far.

We are two England games in. Looking okay - would have been nice for the extra points against the US, but I think we should consider it a small thanksgiving gift. England still top the group after two games and we only need to avoid a 4-0 defeat to Wales in the final game on Tuesday to seal a place in the last 16. I'm feeling optimistic, and my world cup fever has been growing with the tournament.

Given the excitement, we will start with the world cup and soccer vizzes. Can't believe I have started calling it soccer, I'm such a sell out.

Up first, Mich brings us a region view of world cup group stage win percentages. Some really nice call out annotations to help give context to the fluctuations in percentage points. Love the idea of rolling it up to regional level and it left me wanting to dig into the history of which teams have played one another in previous years.

I loved this example from Achim on how to visualise likelihood of different score outcomes. The colour heatmap makes it's abundantly clear what the most likely outcome was. Would love to start showcasing more predictive analytics moving forwards.

Sports Viz regular, Bo McCready looks at the US teams qualifying path to the World Cup. A really interesting way of diving into the player level minutes, showcasing where individuals have either been subbed on / off during a game through the use of pie charts! The core USA colours work great here.

Ben Mayhew packs a punch with the vibrant probability graphics, after the first round of group games. A really nice choice displaying the visual with chance of reaching stage and most likely opponent on one horizontal plane. Do check out Bens full write up on experimental361 if you get the chance.

I'd quite like to emulate some of this work in tableau doing icon over bar overlays. Thanks for sharing Ben.

I am yet to see a sports visual from Tanya that doesn't hit the mark. A beautiful heat map with circular overlay showcasing the progression through the tournament for each respective country. If you aren't following Tanya already, it's probably time to do so!

David Rudin shares Kylian Mbappe's incredible scoring record at the WC. Mbappe definitely has age on his side. There are many conversations that he will be the next wave of 'GOAT' conversations as we transition away from the Messi-Ronaldo era. Having bagged 2 goals yesterday I'm excited to continue watching him through the tournament.

To close out all the soccer vizzes, I create a tableau tutorial that I would love you to check out on how to plot shot data, and roll it into hex bins. Let me know if you have any questions on it.

We now skip over to some hockey data from Alison. Alison creatively showcases shot pressure through a curved horizontal area chart. I love the smoothness to the line, with the wideness of the chart highlighting Sea Krakens impact for the most part of the game in the earlier stages.

Raisa switches focus for us, treating us to some Thanksgiving football. I know its a B2VB, but we just had to throw it in too. A great way to compare wins and losses with the reflective axis. I like the touch of having losses in gray, whilst wins are in the team colours.

Happy thanksgiving Raisa, Can't wait to see more from you.

Speaking of the hosts, we want to follow up by sharing this viz from Elisa! Very unique in presenting wins and losses through yes-no text print. I find the text works unusually, well here due to its repetition and short wording, supported by the slight offset of colour to draw attention to the yes labels. Quite the graphic design type print.

Sebastian closes out the American football with a small multiples / trellis chart using nflverse data. I am really fond of the dual axis having both the line and scatter plot points. The team logos in the correct typography really brings the piece to life.

Follow the thread for some good conversation around the different teams.

Got to use Simons viz as a chance to gloat / celebrate the success in the cricket world cup!

A really masterful way of showcasing the two different formats of cricket world cups and the different countries performance. As a non-cricket person, this viz has the perfect amount of labelling in axis, colour and annotations to balance context, design and interpretation. How impressive England hold both titles simultaneously.

Last, but by no means least - we close out this round-up with an NBA viz from Yashushi. Check out this head to head stats of Yuta vs Rui including everything from steals, blocks, assists and points. My favourite part of the visual is the minutes played by game week that runs through the centre of the viz.

That's all for this week. Tomorrow the team and I are presenting at the VizIt London - we have something exciting in store and will look to make the resources public in the coming days for the rest of the community.

Thanks for reading, and as always use the #SportsVizSunday for the team to see your work and check out some of our datasets in the repo for inspiration. Do remember, we recently listed our final challenge dataset on baseball for this month looking at Pedros stats. You can find it here.

See you next week for some more content highlights,

CJ & the #SportsVizSunday team

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