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Weekly Round-Up 10.10.2021

Welcome sports fans to what has been an immense week of epic sports battles, whether it be the might of Tyson Fury's monstrous right hand, the drizzle of Istanbul which resulted in another compelling F1 race, or the last minute glory of Scott McTominay's belly to get Scotland over the line against Israel, it's been one heck of a week.

And fear not, the same can very much be said for the creations of the #SportsVizSunday community with a starting eleven of vizzers that would grace any data viz arena.

This weekend concludes our month long collaboration with Sarah Bartlett and #IronQuest during which we offered you all the chance to viz your sporting heroes and legends. It has honestly been so inspiring seeing all the vizzes coming in, and as such it only seems right to start off this week with all of the #IronQuest #SportsVizSunday entries from the past 7 days.

Let's start with Jeff Plattner who snuck in just in time today with an epic celebration of his childhood hero, Magic Johnson. I adore the colour scheme, the flow of the analysis and the narrative Jeff puts at the start of his viz. Definitely one worthy of a 3 point buzzer-beater, Jeff, great work.

Next up we have #SportsVizSunday royalty Ryan Soares with a celebration of Cristiano Ronaldo, aka CR7 and his 112 goals for Portugal. As an England fan i've been on the end of CR7 heartache once or twice (don't get me started on the Rooney leg flick) but even I will admit he is one hell of a player and Ryan's viz is one hell of a viz. In particular I encourage you to admire Ryan's use of white space and the clarity of colour, it just makes the analysis pop and is a joy to behold.

Of course when a CR7 viz is submitted, there has to be a Messi viz in the mix to offer another perspective on who is the real GOAT between them, thankfully Muhammad Azhar stepped up to the plate and created a great viz of his time at Barcelona. I really enjoyed the aesthetics of the viz and the use of a viz in tooltip to offer the detail, which by removing from the initial viz, really kept it clean and a striking visual.

One of the highlights of the vizzes for me over the last 7 days was this one by Mo Wootten celebrating the badminton career of Lin Dan. Badminton is a sport close to my heart, I have been playing it for over 30 years and it is probably the one thing that keeps my middle aged beer belly at bay! I genuinely cannot thank Mo enough for showcasing one of the sport's greatest talents in such a creative and engaging way. The use of shapes is so engaging and adds some really intrigue to the viz.

I have mentioned previously that one of our goals at team #SportsVizSunday is to raise the profile of women in sports and data viz and so it's fills me with great joy to be able to share 2 vizzes this week from women authors; first up we have Tina Covelli who continues to tease us with a work in progress celebration of Jacob DeGrom. You better get this one over the line, Tina, as it looks fantastic from what you have shared so far!

From a work in progress viz to one that is very much the finished article thanks to Lizzie Jenn who did a playful yet really cool analysis of how her personal marathon performance would have compared to that of long distance legend Paula Radcliffe. I love it when people use personal data to inspire their viz, there is something so authentic about it and I loved the way Lizzie incorporated her data into the viz, and the curved timeline really pops.

Two more before the end of the #IronQuest vizzes are complete. Naresh Suglani offers an outstanding analysis of the 100 F1 wins, to date, of Lewis Hamilton. The viz is very much 'Naresh' and I mean that as a compliment, great colour, lovely added touches like the logos and race tracks and analysis that is easy to follow and keeps you wanting to go back for more.

Our last #IronQuest entry of the week wasn't one that was technically published as such but the viz very much deserves to be in the mix and celebrated this week. Fuad Ahmed celebrated the career of West Indies batting superstar Brian Lara. I had the pleasure of watching Lara take apart England's bowlers at Edgbaston back in the day and this viz really brought those memories back for me. There is so much to enjoy in the viz and so many stories, even if you don't follow cricket I promise you, a bit of you will want to start following the game after you've checked out this viz.

Eight down, 3 to go and we now move away from the monthly challenge entries. Former #SportsVizSunday team member, Chris Westlake, is well known for his love of Rugby and his analysis of the 2021 Rugby Championship was a triumph of striking design and well integrated chart choices. I love the small multiple take on the matches and the diagonal scoring timelines, great stuff Chris.

Almost there people! It wouldn't be a #SportsVizSunday round-up without a viz by Tibco viz by Brett Stupakevich and this week Brett gave us an 'analytical app' showcasing the 14 golfers that have had 4+ major wins over a period spanning 10 years. Thanks as always for engaging us Brett and showcasing the platform.

Last up we head to Asia and a member of the incredible Japanese Tableau Community. Yasushi Ishikawa took on Week 39 of the 2021 Makeover Monday data sets to explore Shohei Ohtani who had the highest WAR of the 2021 MLB season. I really like the way Yasushi embedded the labelling, it is a fabulous example of scatterplots done well, really well.

So that's it for this week people, 11 vizzes, enough for a starting line up in many sports. Keep the vizzes coming and we will keep showcasing them, and stay tuned for some big news in the week's ahead that will keep the #SportsVizSunday buzz going and going!

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