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Weekly Round-Up 1.10.2021

Welp, it looks like 2021 was not the cure for a crazy 2020 after all. We hope you all are having as good a start to the New Year as you can and we look forward to your continued participation and being a part of our #SportsVizSunday community. Here is this week's round-up!

We have a new challenge for January focusing on Premier League and Women's Super League data. Check out the link to the challenge here.

Naresh with one of his signature F1 visualizations with the impeccable design!

Jon gets in on the #SportsVizSunday fun with this entry into our December challenge showing who will be the Greatest (Head Coach) Of All Time for Women's NCAA Basketball.

Simon is an innovator and shows as such in this new way to show an alternative Premier League table.

One of my favorite parts of #SportsVizSunday is what Glenn describes in this tweet. Going through the data and remembering either being at a game or watching your favorite player while making a visualization can make it so much fun. Check out Glenn's Blue Jay visualization here.

Check out this viz among others by RJ Weise.

Wonderful thread by Tom Goodall on making an opposition report for a soccer opponent.

Check out the way that Charles has visualized this year's wins for NFL teams here.

Alex Varlamov wows with all of his stunning visualizations, and this one is no exception.

Check out Romain's entry into our December data challenge showing female participation in high school sports.

Aashique has been producing some awesome stuff lately. Make sure to check out his latest viz comparing the FAB FOUR in cricket.

Naresh with another signature F1 viz. Great stuff!

Neil has been involved with #SportsVizSunday since its inception, so for that, we thank you! Check out this entry into our January challenge showing which Premier League teams can claim superiority over all others. Great use of the team colors!

Stunning design and fun topic from Sameul Epley in this visualization showing the top NFL QBs!

Peter is one of the best follows possible in the sports analytics community. The way in which he tells soccer stories with data is unmatched. Check this analysis out.

Alberto shows off his skills with this analysis of the best 50 pairs in European Football.

The one and only Corey Jones gives us this awesome analysis on NBA substitutions and line-ups.

Thank you all for producing such amazing content. Have a great week!

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