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Weekly Round-Up 09.18.2022

That day is finally upon us. The day my favourite sportsman has retired from the game. In my eyes, an individual that transcends sport. A person with great humility, respect, and incredible talent. I think the world mostly agrees, given Roger has won ATP fan favourite 19 years in a row.

I will definitely miss watching Roger play competitive tennis.

The ONE good thing about a sports players retirement is that now the data becomes historical data, meaning I won't have to update vizzes moving forward. (woo!) So cheers to a career with 20 Grand Slams, complete domination at Wimbledon and being named number one for 310 weeks.

Onto this weeks content. 7 great pieces this week, and then we will close out with some job openings that Kate has endorsed on twitter.

It's often hard to stand out in the football analytics community given the number of people that want to be in the market. No doubt this work from @DatoBHJ does just that. I am loving the dark theme to their work and this particular piece really stood out to me because of the fantastic framing.

Continuing the theme of football and stand out pieces JC brings us this piece on substitutions. A great use of coloured reference line to highlight those that are making early substitutions and the impact of of injury on those decisions.

Next up, Brett brings us a sankey flow on spotfire. For each player look at the different speeds for the different play types. Brett is quickly climbing the ranks in contributions to SportsVizSunday.

But, talking of contributions. In Number 1 spot, Mr Epley does not disappoint us, this time looking at college football. A visual jam packed with information on the different polling and teams. Do take the time to really dig into this viz. I particularly liked the gradient arrows hidden away in the tooltips!

Adam Green is quickly becoming one of my favourite sports visualisation individuals. I am blown away by sports visuals that are both effective in communication but also have a glossy print type artistic feel to them. Dive deeper into this stem and leaf Tour de France piece below. Great work.

ooooo how we do love a radial from time to time. Co-lead Mo Wootten delights us with a piece from our monthly challenge data looking at the Commonwealth Games. There is real beauty in this viz with each of the country flags being cut-off, it really help balance the visual out. I particularly think this is a really clear message of using the rotation for year and the size on the number of medals won. It's a clever touch that Mo distinguished between competition at the games and not winning a medal vs not competing.

Jared has been doing some amazing work with his youtube channel. It's an honour to be able to guest host a blog and template looking at hockey-reference data and how you can use prep to build out a tournament bracket.

Time to put some prep in your step!

With that in mind, here is the full youtube video!

Speaking of go-to resources - AlisonL shares with us this guide to hockey analytics.

To close out this week, there have been various different job roles opening in the US that Kate has brought to the teams attention. Do check them out if you're after something new.

That's it for this weeks round-up.

As always, thank you for the contributions. These write-ups bring me real joy and remind me of what a talent community there is.

Take care,

CJ & The SportsVizSunday crew

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