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Weekly Round-Up 09.04.2022

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Good morning, afternoon or evening depending where you read this in the world. We are back again with another SportsVizSunday round-up. Looks like this week has been dominated by soccer and tennis, which is of no surprise given the sporting competitions on.

An emotional US open this year, seeing Serena Williams curtain call on her fantastic career, after 23 Grand Slam champions. To have seen the support online has been amazing. She is in fact the most tweeted about female athlete EVER, which is probably of no surprise, and that love has really been seen online.

Also, quick reminder. We are running our commonwealth games dataset over the course of September too, given we released it part way into August. This dataset includes the competing nations, medal tables and medallists for every CWG since 1930 to 2022. Do continue to tag us in your creations! You can access the data here.

Onto this weeks work:

Vignesh utilises a US map to view the search terms of major sports stars and leagues split by state. Check out the tooltips to see how close the split difference of the two choices really is.

Samuel Epley shares with us a College Football tournament bracket. Superb in design, I particularly like the use of circular colour to call out which team won each bracket. Definitely a dashboard to go and unpick the different sheets to see how the teams get positioned.

Another one from Samuel this week using donut charts to compare and identify players that are expected to out perform their peers. Loving the trading card look and feel to the visual.

It is no secret Krisztina is one of my favourite sports designers when it coms to creating compelling sports art that stretches data visualisation. Check out her blog on animating some of her visuals below!

I really liked this visual from Johann considering the different court and pitch sizes. What a great way of comparing size. If you float to the thread comments you can hear from others discussing average distance travelled in the different games.

Former SportsVizSunday lead Chris Westlake brings us this awesome dashboard of looking at the different premier league results that have been a whopping 9-0. I love when individuals create timelines by using shapes and icons for information. A great way also to see the influence on goals from where teams may have used subs at crucial times or gone down to 10 men.

I love seeing more resources put out into the community. David shares with us his free football modelling resource. You'll also see on his improving visuals page shout outs to the likes of Peter McKeever, Maram AlBaharna and Son of a Corner. All so talented in building aesthetically pleasing pitch analysis.

Speaking of football, two quick shout-outs.

Firstly, Ravi is hiring. Ravi is a Tableau Visionary and is looking to expand his team with a new football analyst. If you haven't seen the job posting take a look below. Happy to put you in touch if you'd like to learn more.

Secondly, Oliver Coqui is looking for speakers at their next football Tableau User Group. If you think this may be of interest, (or even attending) then check out his post on Linkedin here. Looks like the event will be sometime in October.

To close out the blog this week we have a couple of tennis visualisations.

The first of which is from Brett. Brett reshares his analysis around velocity in the different majors, through the use of a sankey and a radar chart.

And finally, below is my visualisation on the mens Grand Slam winners since 1997. Open to hearing feedback through DM's, hope you like it!

That's all for this week - This week tends to be the last of the summer holidays in the UK, so hope everyones managed to get a good chunk of downtime in! Looking forward to the last quarter of the year and all the great sports visualisations to come!

Take care,

CJ and the Sports Viz Sunday team.

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