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Weekly Round-Up 08.29.2021

Hey all you #SportsVizSunday fans - it's time for your favorite part of the week. It's time to look through all the best content from the interwebs related to sports and data. Let's jump in!

It's ony fitting to start off this blog with someone just starting off on their Tableau Public journey. Let's make sure to give a huge round of applause and plenty of follows and likes to Ashley Ratinckx. Let's just say that if this if your first Tableau Public viz - everybody needs to keep an eye on Ashley! Great viz

Jeff Plattner is up to his normal Jeff Plattner things by creating awesome visualizations of iconic sports, teams, and players. He's looking for feedback on this 1980 Team USA hockey print, make sure to let him know your thoughts!

Miguel Cabrera is hands down one of the best players that have played during my time as a baseball fan - so it's cool to see this viz by @f_l_o_u_r_i_s_h showing the stats about this career. The thing that stands out to me looking at his HR by year - he did that weird thing that the home run hitters of the early 2000s did not do - got less powerful and produced less as he got older.

Although not a viz specifically for the #SportsVizSunday community - make sure to check out this week's #WorkoutWednesday from Luke Stanke about consecutive starts by QBs in the NFL.

Long time #SportsVizSunday contributor Bo McCready coming in hot just like the team he's vizzing about with a West Ham United viz specifically about prolific scorer Michail Antonio.

I really like this bump chart showing yards after catch leaders for the past 5 seasons in the NFL. Not surprised at Le'Veon Bell and Alvin Kamara being up there consistently.

Per usual with non-mainstream American sports - I have absolutely no clue on what any of this means - but it's awesome. This guy's a Zen Master for a reason - make sure to check out this extraordinary work by the one and only, Neil Richards.

Mo Wootten brings his analytics skill set to his Fantasy Premier League team with this dashboard. Super fun to see how folks apply data to their fantasy teams.

Okay - so I have to go on a little fanboy rant here - CJ Mayes is THAT DUDE. Not only is he an influencer in the community and a dashboard machine - but he is that much better of a person. Below CJ has shared a Python tutorial for those looking to scrape NBA shot data. I really really hope CJ gets Ambassador and Zen this year - this guy inspires me so much.

This last month has been focused on UFC data for #SportsVizSunday - and guest host Ryan Soares wasn't going to let it pass without putting in his own contribution. Make sure to check out the road to being a UFC champion in his viz below. Here is a link to this month's data as well.

Here are some more visualizations that you might like - take a look!

Thanks so much for tuning into this week's #SportsVizSunday round-up! We hope you have a great week and look forward to all the amazing content in the upcoming week. Peace

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