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Weekly Round-Up 08.14.2022

We're reaching the end of the summer and that means that we are seeing the transition from summer sports to winter sports. In particular, the English Premier League (football/soccer) is now in its second week of the new season and I look forward to seeing the narratives that will emerge over the coming games.

Starting with the Premier League, Amar Singh has looked at the different nationalities that make up the first-team squads. I think this is an absolutely fascinating thing to look at - the Premier League prides itself on being global - and I love the way Amar has visualised this. The bar graph at the top gives me a high-level perspective of the difference between teams, and the heatmaps add more detail to things that catch my eye (Wolverhampton Wanderers, and their Portuguese contingent for example). The finishing touch for me is the table in the tooltip that shows the players from each region and their specific nationalities.

Frankline Etietsola has created a visualisation celebrating the achievements of Thierry Henry, who was recently voted the best player to have ever played in the Premier League. Henry's goal-scoring record was amazing, and Frankline's visualisation really bring that to life. I like the radial timelines showing how often Henry scored, and the bar graph showing goals & appearances against the other teams in the Premier League is full of information. I wonder how Henry feels about scoring against every team except Swansea!

Brandon Park was inspired by Bo McCready (a regular on these pages) to create a tennis coxcomb graph in Tableau looking at selected male grand slam winners. Nadal's dominance in clay really shines through in the graph, and the graph allows for really easy comparison between the grand slams that each player won.

Rob Radburn has looked at the distribution of lap positions for each Formula 1 driver so far this season. I found it interesting to see how the drivers at the top of the standings are so much more consistent and have rarely been outside of the top 5 for any lap. I really like the colour palette that Rob has chosen too.

Lastly, F1 Charts has looked at the average age of Formula 1 drivers through the years. It's stabilised over the last few years and I wonder whether it has reached the natural mid-point between experienced drivers and new drivers.

And that's everything for this week - short and sweet!

Keep your eyes peeled for our new monthly challenge dataset which should be announced soon.

Mo & the #SportsVizSunday team

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