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Weekly Round-Up 08.07.2022

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

It's coming home, it's coming home It's coming, Football's coming home!

Over 87K people went down to Wembley last Sunday to watch Chloe Kelly bag the winner in extra time. Pleasingly we are already starting to see the impact its making in women's sports in its visibility, its support and hopefully accessibility and funding.

Incredibly proud of the lionesses achievement.

Where better to start the vizzes this week than the summary of the Euros. Check out this piece by son of a corner!

A really clean overall aesthetic, love the layout of having them shown in the bracket. The heatmap making for easy shot placement comparisons.

Clippd continue to deliver some highlight visuals on key stats around Tony Finau.

Unsure on the tool of choice used here, but always a big fan of background images used effectively. A sure account to follow if a golf fan.

Parth brings us a visual about Rafa and his dominance in the French Open. Rafa is actually undefeated at Grand Slams this year, having had to retire prior to his semi-final at Wimbledon. To see him 8 titles clear from anyone else on clay really is testament to what a talent he is.

Love all the different metrics Parth has looked at here, from win rate, break points, to points under pressure. Ultimate Tennis Statistics must be a good starting point for those wanting to start there own tennis data journey!

Shane wows us with a NBA celtics player card of Bill Russell. A complimentary table highlighting his career between '56 and '69. Looking at some of those stats including goal points its no surprise he was 5 time MVP.

Peter brings us a petal chart showcasing Will Chamberlains 61/62 season. The scatter and bar chart choices really emphasising his incredible PPG.

Last but not least Damola returns with another Damola-esque design. This time focussing on the fastest runners from the past 50 years. Such a beautiful timeline with nicely edited athlete icons. Be sure to use the interactivity to click through to the races.

That's it for this week.

Hope everyone is pumped for the sporting season ahead. I'm particularly excited for the last of the Commonwealth games. A few highlights for me have been watching the marathon, Triathlon and some of the cycling events. No doubt, my favourite event was seeing how England fair against the likes of Canada, India and Australia in the hockey though. Having grown up playing against some of the players in the squad it adds that extra level of excitement.

Take care,

CJ & The SportsVizSunday Crew

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