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Weekly Round-Up 07.18.2021

Hey everyone, we hope you all are having a great weekend! Per usual, we have a ton of great #SportsVizSunday content for you this week. Let's jump right in and check it out!

This month our data challenge pertains to the upcoming Olympic games. You can find the link to the dataset here.

In this really cool viz, Will Sutton shows each Tour de France rated by toughness. In 1919, 85% of the riders ended up dropping out before the race ended. Find out more in his viz below!

Here is another Tour de France viz, this time by Mo Wootten. Check out the careers of Eddy Merckx and Mark Cavendish in his viz below.

I don't know how I didn't see this viz earlier in the week, but this viz on player salaries in the American Big 4 leagues (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL) was so much fun to play around with. Cycle through the different years to see the highest-paid players for that year player's careers. Super interesting to see, especially as you get to the later years.

It was a fun surprise to see Tableau Zen Master Zach Bowders hop into the #SportsVizSunday action this week with his analysis of NBA shots locations and success rates. Besides being a really cool viz, I really like how Zach takes you on a journey in this viz starting with basic questions and assumptions and then following through with a fun analysis. My favorite line, "accuracy [from behind the 3 point line] drops off by about 3% for each additional foot added in range. Great stuff Zach!

As soon as I saw this viz come across my timeline I knew it was a Naresh viz. Such a wonderful aesthetic and design to his work, and this one is no exception.

This analysis about pressing efficiency and intensity during the Euro-2020 tournament was really interesting.

Very interesting analysis showing the most common areas of the ice that NHLers gain possession of the puck. Really interesting work from Domenic!

As miserable as this game was to watch as an FC Cincinnati fan, I like how these GameFlow charts summarize games.

As always, thanks for tuning in and for everyone who created the awesome content for this week. We hope to see you participate in this month's #SportsVizSunday data challenge on the Olympics! Take care and have a great #SportsVizSunday.

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