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Weekly Round-up 07.04.2021

Happy Sunday & 4th of July to everyone in the US!

This week we have a lot of football/soccer content and some fantastic entries for Tableau's Iron Viz competition. Congratulations to all the England fans for their win last night, I know Simon & Chris enjoyed the match!

We've also launched the July challenge on the Olympics which has 100,000 rows of Olympic athlete and event data. We are partnering with Tableau this month and your viz may be featured as part of their Olympic celebration. Looking forward to seeing what everyone creates.

On to the round-up.

We've got two visualizations from regular participant Vignesh. The first one looks at the history of Real Madrid and the second is Vignesh's Iron Viz entry on WWE.

Adam created this interesting way to look at how the 2020/21 Premier League unfolded. You can explore each team by clicking the icon at the bottom of the viz.

Mateusz has been on a roll with his Euro visualizations. Check out these 3 on shots efficiency, number of own goals, and top scorers.

Gorazd also created a Euro visualization. This one looks at the stats & results by the players clubs.

Frederic also created a Euro visualization. This one looked at the success of a team in relation to their market value in this Tableau public visualization.

I saw a number of sports visualizations for Tableau's Iron Viz contest including these:

John's analysis of the 60 qualified Major League Baseball pitchers packs a lot of information into an easy to consume format.

I'm biased towards golf visualizations and this one from Matt is outstanding. I love the concept and it was well executed. Be sure to read the self-assessments, they're a great personal touch to the visual.

Pallav created a combination Cristiano Ronaldo & Euro 2020 visualization. I enjoyed learning more about Cristiano through this visualization.

Craig's Iron Viz is an extensive analysis that looks how likely the Premier League will have another Leicester. Incredible amount of analysis in this one.

Aashiq visualized the cricket legends with 10,000 runs. I enjoyed learning more about these cricketers.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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