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Weekly Round-Up 06.20.2021

I love this time of year. The build up to Wimbledon at Queens Club, the US Open Golf Championship, the football European Championships, F1 races, and the Olympics on the horizon. As a sports fan we really are spoilt, and as a data fan this week was another fantastic effort by the #SportsVizSunday community. So with no time to dwell on the England v Scotland debacle, let's jump straight into the data viz highlights of the last week.

The Euros may be a year late, but it's the theme of our June challenge and everyone is enjoying seeing international football at its best. Mateusz Karmalski allowed us to explore the highest ever scorers at the Euros, updating it real time as Christiano Ronaldo extended his lead at the top of the list. The data community often say a bar chart is best and this is a prime example of that, fantastic labelling, subtle shading. It just works.

Keeping with the Euros theme, Frederic Frey gave us a double helping of data viz. First up he shared the estimated value of each squad. Now they often say money can't buy you success, but hey, it's got to help, right? So who am I to argue when England have the top valued squad, it's coming home... (just as long as you didn't have to endure the boredom of watching the Scotland game on Friday night!).

And next up from Fred we had this analysis of how Europe's richest nations appear to be struggling to find the net at the Euros... fear not England fans, it will only be a matter of time before Captain Kane is firing them in from all over the pitch... did I mention it's coming home?

And OK, I know I must at least try and be impartial when writing these weekly round-ups and one of the #SportsVizSunday team is Scottish. So here goes, wish me luck, congratulations Chris on the Tartan Army and their fantastic performance on Friday night. The draw was very well deserved and I shall be forever regretting my reply to your England v Scotland viz tweet by suggesting there was a missing England badge on the 2021 Euros match space.... that reply definitely did not age well!

I know we all love our favoured BI tools, whether it be Tableau, Power BI or a n other, but sometimes we all forget a data viz can still be amazing when it is drawn, yes, that's right paper and pen, or in this instance, hand drawn in Procreate! Megan Seritan reminded us of that this week with a visual history of the Euros.

Keeping with the monthly challenge, David Crujeiras created a visual history of the Euros, including winning nations, goals scored and which nations competed each year.

Last up for the Euros, Joao Silva analysed the crunch time for Group A nations and the possible outcomes of the 3rd and final group game.

Moving away from the Euros, we are delighted to share another Megan Seritan sports viz. Megan has been really active over recent weeks, and this week she shared her first attempt at a long for viz. The viz, analysing the NHL season of the San Jose Sharks is packed full of insights and I really liked Megan's use of colour, and layout... in particular the match win/loss margin was really enjoyable to explore.

For those fans of cricket, this week is a big week with the inaugural ICC Test Championship Final taking place between New Zealand and India (if the English weather allows!). First up on the topic Devin Bhatia created an interactive dashboard of the ICC Test league table and the batting and bowling stats for the two teams.

And sticking with the ICC Test Championship Jeff Komen did a comparison of the two participating nations, including a rare sighting of a pie chart applied well, to demonstrate the stark difference in populations.... although I suspect Jeff may be favouring the black caps when it comes to who he wants to win!

We also had a couple of tennis vizzes come in this week, following Novak Djokovic's French Open win. Ashwin Shankar was inspired by 2020 IronViz finalist, Alex Jones, with his picture in bars showcasing of Novak's grand slam successes (note we cannot embed the tweet so if you want to check it out, please follow Ashwin); his viz is the featured image for our round-up this week.

Whilst James Poon looked at the "three kings"; Novak, Rafa and Roger and how they have each become kings of a particular surface.

To finish this week we have Formula 1 and Tableau maestro Yoshihito Kimura who celebrated a win for Max Verstappen at this weekend's French GP and analysed the drivers who achieved 2 or more French GP wins. Max still has a fair way to go before catching the one and only Michael Schumacher who amassed an amazing 8 wins.

So that's all for this week, folks, don't forget our June challenge is on for another week and a bit, and good luck to everyone who is currently vizzing what they love in the IronViz feeder, no doubt we will see some amazing sports vizzes as part of that!

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