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Weekly Round-Up 05.23.2021

Hey everyone - we hope you are having a great weekend and getting ready to have a great week coming up. We have a ton of content this week so let's get to it!

We had several more entries for this month's challenge on the Kentucky Derby. You can find the dataset here. David Crujerias took that data and made a spectacular dashboard with it as you can see below!

Albin also brought his A-game with this Kentucky Derby viz. Interesting to see the story about the two trainers that have had horses win the race 6 times each!

I also sit up a little straighter when I see that Adam Green has submitted a #SportsVizSunday entry because I know it's going to blow my mind. I love the distribution showing the race times by race winner. Interesting way to find different stories in there!

In addition to the great Kentucky Derby entries, there were several stand-out visualizations about other topics. In this dashboard, Simon shows us the dominance of Tiger Woods throughout his career. Very cool!

Naresh Suglani always brings it when delivering F1 visualizations. This is no exception! Check out this work about the iconic Monaco Grand Prix.

#SportsVizSunday royalty Jeff Plattner showing off a visualization in his signature style. What a team those Canes were! Can't believe how many future NFL superstars came from those rosters. The 2003 Fiesta Bowl was one of those games that I remember exactly where I was when I watched it. All-time classic!

Really cool visualization here from Daniel Sedin on the top 100 scorers in the NBA inspired by Rody Zakovich's technique from a few years ago. I would not have guessed that Bradley Beal would be the 2nd player in that 30+ PPG group!

This visualization by Bo McCready of Reddit fame really caught my eye because of my love of baseball stats. It's really cool to explore some of the different stories in here such as which no-nitters were perfect games, Nolan Ryan's SEVEN (wow!) no-hitters, and the time when a no-hitter resulted in a loss!

Here is a cool analysis by Adam Davidson on young goalkeepers in Europe's Big 5 soccer leagues. Look out for some of these youngsters in the future!

I am a huge fan of Owen Phillips. Check out this shooting map of where teams take shots relative to the league average.

Great cool viz here from Theo Koessler on Russell Westbrook's incredible 182 triple-doubles!

Well, folks, that's all for this week. Awesome job to everyone who submitted work for this month's challenge and thanks to everyone else who created such awesome sports visualizations for our viewing pleasure. Have a great week and we'll catch you during our next #SportsVizSunday Round-Up!

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