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Weekly Round-Up 05.22.2022

Happy Sunday, sports fans! As I look out of my office window onto a lovely sunny spring day I'm looking forward to the final day of the Premier League season. My prediction is that Manchester City will have too much for Aston Villa but I can imagine every reporter, and commentator is preparing their 'Steven Gerrard helps Liverpool win the title' headlines and catchphrases. Whether Gerard can motivate his Aston Villa team enough to stop City from winning remains to be seen but it's been an exciting season nonetheless.

Right! Let's get into this weeks content. We'll start with sports from across the Atlantic and first up is this fantastic scatter plot from Quinn Madsen (kindly sent through by Will Strouse). This viz looks at the Heros and Zeros from the MLB World Series. Great visual, fantastic annotations, and a lot to explore. Well done Quinn!

Side note: Don't forget to add the #sportsvizsunday tag to anything you create on Tableau Public.

It's great to see some 'datafam' inspiration behind this viz from Scott Buckley. Scott takes inspiration from Kevin Flerlage to create this stunner looking at the golden age for the Cincinnati Reds during the 1970s. Two Worlds Series and numerous other divisional titles are well highlighted with viz. Nice work, Scott!

We turn to Ice Hockey next. It's widely agreed that legend Wayne Gretzky is the NHL GOAT but Sarah Pallett produces an interesting take on those coming up behind and trying to close in one of Gretzky's records, all time career goals. Currently 115 goals behind but with 4 years on his contract remaining, Alexander Ovechkin looks on course to break that one particular record.

Turning our attention to football now, it's fantastic to see a new member of the Sports Viz Sunday community and Shamritha has started with a bang with this information packed viz looking at the stats of Sergio Aguero. A nice simple and clean design with lots to look through. Great work, Shamritha and welcome to the community!

As I mentioned at the top, we are entering the final day of the Premier League season and Vivek has captured the respective journeys of the current top 5 teams and their race to get to the promised land of Champions League football for next season. A few ups and downs for all the teams and it's interesting to see that Chelsea have probably been the most consistent having always been in the Top 4.

Lastly, John Muller creates this fantastic radar chart plotting a number of different metrics related to teams playing styles. Check out the link in the tweet for the breakdown of this fascinating viz.

Those of us in the community from the world of Tableau will likely still be digesting the events of #TC22. It was great to see a couple of sport related vizzes in the Tableau Public gallery and Masato gets a well deserved place in the gallery with their fantastic NBA Finals viz. A very well deserved entry.

The final mention I want to make this week is to the inspirational, CJ Mayes. CJ is a great guy (although I've never actually met him in person!) and for me, he's taken what can be achieved in Tableau to a new level over the last couple of years. His #IronViz final entry was simply exceptional and I have no idea how the judges can draw distinctions between all the finalists incredible work. The quality of what CJ, Will (Sutton), and Kimly (Scott) produced was simply exceptional. Well done to you all, by the time you make the finalists stage you are all winners.

Have a great week everyone and don't forget that Snooker World Championship Finals data is waiting, ready to be vizzed into something amazing!


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