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Weekly Round-Up 05.02.2021

Hey all you #SportsVizSunday fans - we're back this week with another one of our weekly round-ups. There has been a ton of great work being published out there, let's take a look at some of them!

Our first viz is from Caitlin Clark who submitted a challenge from an older #SportsVizSunday challenge data set.

Mateusz stays consistent with his awesome Formula 1 content and this is no exception.

This submission got me so pumped because I love seeing different BI platforms being used for analysis! I used Spotfire for work a few years back but I think this is the first time I've seen it submitted as part of #SportsVizSunday. Really cool!

The people that I get to work with doing #SportsVizSunday is by far the highlight of the whole thing for me. Simon continues to push the envelope with his unique designs and innovative chart types!

Simon Rowe gave us a great deep dive into PGA Tour driving with this excellent long-form viz.

For those wanting to participate in the lacrosse challenge still, Nicolas Mieszaly gives us the lat/long of the schools in the data set! Link here as well.

There were lots of strong opinions about the proposed European Super League - check out this viz by Andrew to learn more about how the English game currently operates.

Such a slick viz by Márton showing the goal distributions by teams in the Premier League. Make sure to hover for the details!

I really like a lot of the design elements that Simon included in this viz. Thanks so much for submitting for the monthly challenge, really hoping to see more of your work!

This viz has so much information in it - I had a lot of fun sorting through this one. I liked looking through all the outliers and finding stories of my own in this one. Great stuff per usual, Samuel!

This submission from Nicolas really piqued my interest! I downloaded the workbook just to see if his table to the right was done with the new map layers functionality and it certainly was. Great stuff!

Dennis Kao coming in strong with a nice dot plot showing the winners and runners-up in men and women's lacrosse for our April challenge. Looks great, Dennis!

I really have run out of words to describe this man's visualizations. I guess I'll just let the brilliance speak for itself.

The lacrosse challenge really struck a chord with some folks as we had a ton of great submissions including this one by Abhinav! Great stuff, and again it's cool to see the proliferation of this initiative beyond just Tableau.

I really like how Megan highlights important stories in the data using the large icons of the schools to the right. Really nice touch!

Wow! This visualization by Mo is absolutely mind-blowing. What a cool way to tell the story of men and women's lacrosse at the same time.

With another great submission to #SportsVizSunday is Christina Wiech, this time focusing on the dominance of NCAA D1 women's lacrosse. Thanks for being a great participant in the community!

Last but not least, Vignesh shows us some cricket vizzing!

Thanks to every who participated in this month's #SportsVizSunday challenge, the submissions were amazing. Have a great week!

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