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Weekly Round-Up 04.11.2021

Hey everyone! We hope you all had a great start to your April and that spring is arriving to wherever you are to provide some relief from this long and cold winter. Let's dive right into some of the top sports viz content we saw this week.

Kate Brown really went all-in on this NCAA tournament viz showing the winner of the women's tournament. Both the men's and women's tournaments were great this year. The call/no-call controversy with UConn women's and the bank-in three from Gonzaga made for an exciting final weekend of college hoops!

I am a sucker for nostalgic vizzes about one's favorite childhood baseball teams so it's no surprise I liked this viz by Riley Martin about the 2001 Mariners season.

Using this month's #SportsVizSunday data Simon Rowe delivers a STUNNER of a viz using the new map layers feature in Tableau. Make sure to check out his blog as well on how he created this masterpiece.

Check out Motor Racing Addict's racing (literally, racing) line charts to relive the Rome E Prix.

Stephanie Blair delivers a great analysis about recent Paralympic records in this viz.

Another excellent viz using April's data from the one and only Neil Richards!

Great set up for the final day of the Masters from Ryan Soares. Also cool to see Matsuyama hang on for the win!

Some more golf fun from @DataGolf!

I think I spy a Cleveland Dot Plot!

Here are a few more vizzes to take a look at for the week.

Thanks for reading this week's #SportsVizSunday round-up! Make sure to check out this month's data set on Lacrosse rankings.

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