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Weekly Round-Up 02.27.2022

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Hi all,

Welcome back to another week of content at #SportsVizSunday.

I open this weeks blog with a heavy heart having been following the current global affairs. Sport really becomes insignificant in light of Russia's recent invasion of Ukraine.

The sporting worlds reaction of expulsion to Russia in major sporting fronts (including the rescheduling of the champions league final and the F1) has been a small symbol of support. Yet, as I write this blog it feels swallowed up by the pain felt in Ukraine and across the world.

Sadly I reflect on the Olympics just been and how the origination of the Olympics had acted as a peace treaty between countries, with messengers sent out to ensure safety throughout countries. A world at a time of unity and compassion.

At #SportsVizSunday we extend our thoughts, prayers and love to all our counter parts in Ukraine at this time.


This week we'd like to showcase some more fantastic content from the community who are constantly upping their game and building the community into a special place.


Where else to start than this beautiful animated site, by Jin Wu, Jane Pong and Yasufumi Saito. I would recommend all to take a look!

The team highlight of the 91 delegations that participated at the 24th Winter Olympics, less than a third won medals in Beijing this year.

Neil Richards reflects on a similar note how global the winter Olympics aren't in equal distribution for medals. The map highlights nations size by number of medals leaving white space where Africa, Central and South America would be. A compelling way to show the distribution.


This week I re-created part of Simon Beaumont's original tennis visualization for learning purposes. The reason I include this is not because I'm self-absorbed (promise). But to showcase multiple ways of achieving a similar outcome in Tableau using completely different methodologies. I would recommend to anyone to take a look at Simons build. The Gantt build is phenomenal. With this in mind, I want to reemphasis how much reverse engineering workbooks is fundamental to building your skills!

You can see the comparison in Simon and my workbook below:


At this point Naresh and design are synonymous.

Naresh focuses on the top 20 most well paid footballers. I particularly like the player cards. A beautifully inspired 'Fifa card' type visual but in his own neumorphism design style. Information is jam packed when it comes to tooltips and pop out tables. So much fun to explore thanks Naresh.

Another week and another perfectly delivery from Yash, this time reflecting on Bernardo Silva 's performance in the premier league. If you're not following Yash yet.... then you best start. Constant quality content.

Vignesh utilizes various bar charts to compare Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo's stats. Vignesh nicely uses the dark red colour to easily identify where Messi sits in relation to his fellow sporting legends for each metric.

....We will leave you to debate who the GOAT is!

Looks like this week Messi is pulling in the numbers.

Aditya uses this radial chart inspired by Jeff Plattner to showcase Messi's shooting performance. A force to be reckoned with. Nice effort on using an adventurous chart type Aditya.

...I wonder if someone could compare if Tableau public has more Messi, Ronaldo or H2H vizzes?


Last but not least, Ray wows us with this NHL visual. Pekka Rinne became the first Nashville Predators player to have his jersey retired after playing 15 seasons with the team! Dive into this viz to learn more around Rinne's stats such as wins, shutouts and minutes played.

Great stuff Ray.

That's it for this weeks round-up. Our Olympics challenge is drawing slowly to a close, and we are excited to share next week a new dataset with you all. Keep an eye out for it!

Take care,


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