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Weekly Round-Up 01.15.2023

Hi all,

Happy Sunday. I feel obligated to say Happy New Year as this is my first SportsVizSunday write up since then. Though, I think we are finally at that stage in the year where we now stop saying Happy New Year to one another as we roll into the third week of January??? I'll let you decide.

For me, my sporting attention looks towards the Australian Open, I really enjoyed the energy in the charity match between Djokovic & Kyrgios. So nice to see what was enemies, turn friends. I'm particularly excited to see how Emma R and Rafa N get on this year so will be trying my best to catch glimpses of the tournament despite the timezone element.

Onto this weeks content. I just had to start with this piece by Lee. What a creative piece using different attributes to show which teams play one another! Simple, effective.

Stephen is one to watch out for. A beautiful off-black dark theme viz packed full of detail comparing the 2018 and 2022 World Cup. You really have to play around with the toggles on the goal distribution to appreciate the technical excellence within. Can't wait to see whats next from you Stephen.

Ali and elegance are synonymous. Ali treats us to this minimalist heatmap, using a range of the NBA colours and primary colours to show progression through the tournament. Golden State Warriors are rockin'

C'est magnifique.

Daniel has created this amazing network chart of the premier league managers and each of the individual clubs they have managed. Looks like Sam Allardyce has had his fair share!

Big shout out Tristan, to see the impact his generator has made in the community is amazing. I am a proud Tristan fan, trying to go for number 1 spot this year.

Brett2point0 is back to his usual SportsVizSunday form with this spotfire analysis, this time using a sankey to highlight fastest plays using speed, distance and player metrics to their aid. The filters on play type and TD are great additional context.

Jared wows us with this long for workbook about Jamie Benn's quest for 1000 games. This viz is packed full of information from goals, penalities hits and other career stats.

What I love about Jared's work is this is a full end to end flow, of collating data through code, to cleaning the data and then visualising it, with the help of imagery and other design tools along the way.

Jared's end of bar tips have been a real hit in the community in terms of popularity, take a look if you get the chance.

A lovely StatsBomb thread below incase you missed it on some club level data. I am a huge fan of the pitches plotted to help show passing ranges, chances and performance under pressure.

It was a delight to find time to write my own tutorial on accessing API data and giving a bit of a self confessed dummies guide. Check it out, plenty of places we can get data from!

If you hadn't seen, we have the absolute pleasure to be able to team up with GamesNightViz for this months challenge.

1) International Federation of Tiddlywinks Association

2) eSports earnings

3) FIFA 23 Complete player dataset

4) 2022 Beer Mile World Classics

Check it out and get involved. We will make sure to do something special to highlight them all at the end of the challenge!

As a general reminder, don't forget that all important tag #SportsVizSunday to ensure we don't miss your work. Don't be like Mo and miss spell it. Classic.

Take Care,

CJ & the #SportsVizSunday team

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