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July 2021 Challenge - The Olympics

"Excellence, Friendship, Respect"

The three values of "Olympism" and when described in greater detail also resonate with the #SportsVizSunday community:

  • Striving for excellence and encouraging people to be the best they can be.

  • Celebrating friendship through an event that brings people together.

  • Demonstrating respect in many different manners: respect towards yourself and others.

So what better match could there be for our July 2021 #SportsVizSunday challenge than encouraging you all to viz about the greatest sporting festival on earth? It is a match made in heaven.

This month the #SportsVizSunday team bring you an epic data set, originally published and made available for public use, on Kaggle, by Randi Griffin. Containing no fewer than 134,732 records, the data lists every athlete to ever competed in the Summer and Winter Olympics, dating back to 1896. Not only that, you also get to explore the events participated in by each athlete and which athlete's and nations won medals. The potential stories are endless!

To access the Athlete, Medal, Nation and Event data set click here.

To access the Nation to Region look up click here.

If that wasn't good enough for you, this month there is an extra special announcement. Our July #SportsVizSunday challenge is being held as a partnership with Tableau; meaning your vizzes may be featured as part of their Olympic celebration. Thank you Tableau for your ongoing support of so many community initiatives, and for helping us showcase the amazing work of the #SportsVizSunday family.

To kick off the month I am excited to be able to share with you a collaboration viz that I created with the #SportsVizSunday legend, Neil Richards. When exploring the data I quickly found out that Neil is a encyclopedia of Olympic knowledge, I would often say, hey did you know this amazing story about an athlete I had never previously heard of, and he would reply with "oh yeah, that discus thrower in the 1970s!". Neil and I have created "Olympic Scorecards" a small multiple-cum-tetris viz that looks at the sports of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and celebrated nations that have won 5 men's medals in a discipline or 3 women's medals.

I cannot thank Neil enough for the fantastic collaboration experience and we hope the viz, all 10,000 high pixels of it, will inspire you in your exploration of the data and any visualisations you create.

So now it is over to you, dive into the data, hurdle over the inevitable creative barriers, and step onto the medal podium as the #SportsVizSunday celebrate your creation.

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