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Introducing #SportsVizSunday

The Tableau community is full of great initiatives, each with its own catchy hashtag to accompany. Together with Simon Beaumont & Spencer Baucke, we thought there was room for one more: Introducing #sportsvizsunday

A very brief overview of some of the key initiatives so far: 

Makeover Monday gives users the chance to rework an existing visualisation, taking a different angle to find a story within the data, or taking a step back to better present the data as a whole. These are then reviewed and feedback is given by Tableau Masters Andy Kriebel & Eva Murray.


Workout Wednesday challenges users to recreate more advanced vizzes as closely as possible, before the original solution is released (for 2018 this will be by Rody Zakovich & Luke Stanke). 

TableauFF is a great way of alerting the community to up and coming talent by featuring a Tableau profile on a Friday. See Mike Cisneros' brilliant viz on all the featured authors so far here

Sports Viz Sunday will take several forms.

Firstly, it is an opportunity for Simon, Spencer & Smith to share 1 stand out viz per week that has caught the eye. This is not exclusive to Tableau and we will be looking giving weight to the viz rather than the software! We will add a few comments about why we like it and a link to the original.

Secondly, we will aim to create our own collaborative viz once a month on a topic relevant in the news that month. We will also post the data set we used to come up with the viz and welcome individual interpretations - we'd love to provide the same kind of service that Andy & Eva do through Makeover Monday.  

WHY?? There is an infinite amount of sports data that can be digested and visualised to tell a story. There are already tonnes of vizzes out there and our aim in this project is to share the very best to a wider audience! It also aims to inspire others to create their own and share them - we will be building a repository of sports data sources over time to get people started. 

For more info or to get involved please don't hesitate to get in touch with us: 

James Smith (@sportschord)

Simon Beaumont (@SimonBeaumont04)

Spencer Baucke (@JSBaucke) 

First Vizzes coming up today! 

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