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April 2021 Monthly Challenge Round Up

Big thanks to everyone who participated in the April challenge! Lacrosse may not have the same world wide notoriety as football (aka soccer) but is gaining popularity in the US. I appreciate those of you would took on this challenge without knowing anything about the sport! The entries this month were fantastic and it was great to see a 5 entries from tools we don't normally see.

Here's a recap of all the entries for the month.

Christina visualized the incredible women terrapins dominance. It's remarkable to see how successful they are. I like how she used the squares by year so you can see the win streaks.

Megan packed a lot of data into this visualization of the men's and women's champions. The overtime dots and win streaks are nice additions! She created this with matplotlib & Illustrator.

Abhinav created a great visualization using both the team stats & championships. Great to see a submission that used ploty!

Dennis used Tableau to visualize the champion & runner up for both the men's & women's championship games. Love the design and the how the dot plot shows those teams that are consistently in the championship.

Simon participated in his first SportsVizSunday with this visualization on the championship games. The buttons to flip between the gender & the winner/runner up are great. I also like the addition of the margin victory. Hope to see more from you Simon!

I've always been a big fan of Simon's work and this viz is another great example of his talent. I liked the use of the line to show the consecutive wins and the white text to show the schools who won both the men's & women's championships.

Simon created this outstanding visualization using Tableau map layers. I love the layout and design. Be sure to check out Simon's blog where he walks through the process to create this. Fantastic work!!

Mo used Simon's guide and created this great Tableau visualization using map layers. I like the grayscale logo & seeing the men's & women's teams in the same view. Nicely done!

Neil always makes me think with his visualizations and I appreciate that he creates things that are different. He used Tableau to create a 2 dimensional beeswarm chart. Be sure to read Neil's blog post where he walks through his process and inspirations.

It was great to see Brett submit an entry with TIBCO Spotfire. This isn't a tool I am very familiar and enjoyed interacting with the viz. Be sure to check this out!

We finally got a Power BI entry!! Be sure to take a look at this visualization from from Ryan Lurquin!

Jakub did a fantastic job with this visualization. The animation is great, I love the colors, and the addition of the starts for the total championships. Be sure to check this one out.

I looked at the record with the *. Turns out the Syracuse men's team had their 1990 win vacated because a coach's wife co-signed a loan. This team is considered to be one of the best men's team and there is a bit of a mystery as to where the trophy is.

Thanks again everyone and for learning more about Lacrosse. Be sure to check out our May challenge on the Kentucky Derby.

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