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March 2021 Challenge Round-Up

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

I want to start the recap with a big thank you to Autumn & Eve from #DiversityinData and Lindsay & Sean from #ProjectHealthViz for collaborating on the challenge. Adaptive sports is near and dear to me and I am so thankful that we had the opportunity to promote this within our communities.

Thank you to the community for contributing so many visualizations this month. I enjoyed seeing what you created and how you highlighted both the wheelchair marathon, Paralympic, and Deaflympic athletes.

We've covered these in our weekly round-ups so instead of going through each viz I wanted to highlight a things that jumped out to me.

  • Laura Kennedy jumping into #SportsVizSunday as a newer Tableau user

  • Megan R. K. Seritan using matplotlib & Illustrator for her fantastic viz on the Women's Wheelchair winners.

  • Dennis Kao's timeline route maps.

  • Fred Najjar's radial view of the Summer Paralympic games.

  • Steph Blair's preview of the Tokyo games. The sport selector and the story of the sport (overview, history, and what to expect) were well done!

  • Branden Kornell's Legends of the Wheelchair marathon was a different and effective way to present the dominance of top athletes and where they won.

  • Ghafar Shah for iterating multiple times on his visualization and creating a great final product.

You all are amazing and thank you so much for all the support this month!!


We had 4 people who created multiple visualizations this month, Stephanie & Saverio both created 3 different visualizations and Ant & Jun both created two different visualizations. Amazing work!


Thank you Andrew for bringing your own data and teaching us about the Deaflympics. I loved the wide-scroll visualization.


There were so many fantastic entries for this topic! Thank you Dennis, Simon, Aashique, Megan, Michelle, Branden, Ghafar, and will for each taking a different approach to highlight these athletes.


Loved seeing all the visualizations on the Paralympics data. Thank you Mo, Fred, Nicolas, Utkarsh, Masato, Chimdi, Ryan, Laura, Simon, and Chris.

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