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Weekly Roundup 12.31.2023

Welcome to the last SportsVizSunday... of 2023. I am so excited to see what 2024 brings for us as a community. I have loved every moment of us coming together to celebrate sports vizzes each week and this year has no doubt had some spectacular ones thrown in.

On behalf of the SportsVizSunday team, we want to say thank you for all the efforts and contributions you have made. I hope you have had a wonderful festive period and are looking forward to 2024 and another year of sport to follow.

The last few weeks have been a combination of down-time before the new year, stuffing my face full of chocolates but also trying to heavily invest in physical exercise. Bit contradictory, but enjoyable nonetheless. During that down time, I having been keeping busy just from all the sport that has been on TV, especially football and darts. I am buzzing for the quarter, semi and finals of the darts in the first few days of the new year. Perhaps we may open the year on a few darts vizzes??

Anyway, on to the content for this week.

First lets put our hands together for Rob getting VOTD for his world cup rugby visual. Re live the road to the final and all the match stats that come with it!

Yasushi wow's us with a basketball recap of Japan vs Finland. I am loving the point ladder style with accompanying highlight functionality. It looks like Finland fell flat in the final quarter, before what seemingly was a real battle in the last few minutes, especially from Hawkinson and Kawamura. Congratulations to Japan on such a great win!

Naresh delivers on a topic that he is most known for. F1 visuals! There is such elegance to this visual having images used effectively in data visualisation, something Naresh has mastered especially when it comes to the infographic style car engines, and subtle individual headshot images that sits greyscale behind the radial chart. Send this viz straight to the printers!

FEBN treat us to an arsenal viz on Declan Rice including some of his key stats from this year. As a west ham fan, I will prevent myself commenting on the recent Arsenal - West Ham game... both result and the penalty Declan gave away...

Joke aside, FEBN are right when saying the addition of Rice to Arsenal's midfield has provided security to an area that lacked some reinforcements. Looking forward to seeing this visual updated at the end of the season!

Shangruff brings all the news with this news header layout style basketball visual.

Check out Kevin Durants impressive scoring broken down by season.

Great visual to highlight his accollades from over the years, no wonder it has landed him amongst some of the all time scoring leaders.

Of course I had to include Ben's round up visual. Ben has been a key contributer to SportsVizSunday creating some of my favourite visuals from this year without a doubt!

Check out this visual to explore the remainder of Ben's profile. With roughly 50% of his vizzes being on sport this year, we are really spoilt for choice. My go to would be...


Great to have you be a part of the community Ben!

SportsVizSunday co-lead and friend, Mo Wootten, spoils us to more build up goal sequence play for his team Walthamstow. Thank you Mo for making this year so enjoyable being able to collaborate alongside both the Simon's for SportsVizSunday. Looking forward to more Walthamstow content next year!

We close the year on Jules football visual, comparing different metrics for belgian nationals.

It has everything from carries, assists and successful take ons. Jules uses the ever so popular FBREF for the data, something that many of us in the community will be aware of. So great to see these metrics land in a Tableau visual. Thanks Jules!

That's everything for today, this week, this month and this year. As always, thanks so much for all your contributions and remember to keep tagging away with #SportsVizSunday through 2024!

Happy New Year,

CJ & the SVS team

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