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Weekly Roundup 12.17.2023

Welcome to this weeks edition of SportsVizSunday. Between some festive holidays, watching the darts and football over the weekend, it seems that the time got away from us.

Despite the delay, we have some wonderful visuals to share with you this week.

Nick shares with us his dashboard on Serie A Historical Point Benchmarks. What i love about this visual is the use of the bands to show where is possible or more likely to win the title.

Check out Nick's wonderfully designed tooltip for each seasons rankings.

Vivek shares with us his PL table created using the plottable package. I do love a well designed table. What a season for Villa so far, especially with their current home win record. This season has been a lot more open, so we will see if it ends up being another two horse race a few more weeks into the second half of the season.

Rob delights us with a horse racing visual this week, broadening what is an already incredible portfolio of sporting dashboards. I love the lollipop / racing post style chart highlighting the peak of annual wins hitting 100 in 2008 alone. What a great success to reach a career total of 1000.

I came across this wonderful Strava stats visual on Linkedin by Francesca Matthews, I would urge you to take the time to look at how impressive both the stats and design are. Francesca managed to run over 100km in 7 months of this year clocking over 1000km in total - putting us all to shame! I love the simple and clean aesthetic to this visual paying homage to the distinct orange and light grey palette seen at Strava.

Lydia shares with us this visual using the Netball World Cup datasource.

I like that Lydia explains her choices and methodology in order to decide which players should be in her dream starting line up. By clicking through to the Radar you can compare different players and stats of your choosing to decide which players you would choose!

That's everything for this week. As always, thanks so much for all your contributions and remember to keep tagging away with #SportsVizSunday!

CJ & the SVS team

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