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Weekly Roundup 11.26.23

Hey everybody,

As we head into the final month of the year we begin to think about reviewing the year and of course, looking ahead to the new year ahead. Depending on your sport of preference this can take different approaches. Some sports will be finishing their seasons. Formula 1 takes a three-month break following today's Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi. Despite the one-sided nature of the Driver's Championship this year there have been many fascinating subplots. I'm intrigued to see whether Mercedes, McClaran or Ferrari can launch a prolonged title challenge to Red Bull. Can Lewis Hamilton win a record 8th Championship before he retires? These questions sum up one of the great things about sport: "There's always next time....". On the other hand, some sports are midway through their seasons. The Premier League is hotting up with, at the moment, a number of potential challengers to Manchester City's crown. From a sporting engagement perspective, let's hope that continues.

Onto the round-up and first up we have a tribute to the fantastic Virat Kholi who, during the recent Cricket World Cup, reached the incredible landmark of 50 international one-day centuries. Produced by Oishiq Nandy I love these interaction image visuals (hover over the tiles to reveal details of each of Kohli's 100s) there's always a lovely personal touch to them. Top marks, Oishiq!

The other aspect of this viz that I loved was the inspiration call out. On this occasion, credit is rightly provided to this wonderful design by Kizley Benedict who, back in 2018, produced this stunner showcasing the one hundred 100s of the legend that is Sachin Tendulkar.

Next up, we have what looks to be shaping up as a fantastic exploratory dashboard from Shabeer Ahmed looking at a wealth of attacking-related metrics for the English Premier League season 2021/2022. Loads to explore here and for those interested in creating a similar concept feel free to download the data from our #SportsVizSunday GitHub repository. Great work, Shabeer.

In weeks when the amount of content might be a little low–completely understandable by the way when time is demanded of us in ever-increasing ways–we can always rely on a tutorial from the ever reliable CJ Mayes. And, this week, we have the luxury of two!

First up, we learn how to create Soccer Step Charts in Tableau. Layering on the 'simple' shot map these extra visual elements provide such a great insight into the distribution of both proximity to the goal and width of range providing an extra sense of whether teams are 'shooting from anywhere' or 'trying to walk the ball into the net'.

And if you thought that CJ spent all of his time behind his desk continuing to hone his "did you know he had a" website you'd be wrong. He also manages to find the time for exercise. And not only that he tracks it all and then publishes a tutorial on how you, can do the same. I promise I would, CJ....if I actually did any!

That's it for this week. For those reading 'state-side' we hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving Day holiday break. Looking forward to what you share with us next!

Simon & the #SportsVizSunday team

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