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Weekly Roundup 11.12.23

Welcome back to another SportsVizSunday round up! What a day of football today..... I've just finished watching the chelsea - city thriller. So where better to start this week than some football (soccer) vizzes.

Thanoshaan Thayalan looks at the management impact on Real Madrid.

A lovely business style design to this dashboard, with some great design elements of year on year comparisons. Check out the player breakdown page where you can click into each shirt number to see the individuals summary stats!

One of the best sporting "dashboards" i've seen this year.

Ansgar Wolsing creates this fantastic map visual to compare distances travelled for each of the different games. This was created as part of the 30 day map challenge. My favourite part is Ansgar's willingness to share the code.

I wrote a small piece on Alteryx transformations when looking at StatsBomb data, hopefully useful for anyone looking to amend the raw data files. Please reach out if you have any questions.

We have a great entry from Ausrine this week, on Figure Skating!

A sport we don't get too see too often on our page so I was so excited to explore this longform style viz.

Ausrine highlights how Japan lead in medals but Canada have taken home the most golds. Work your way down through the viz to see what individuals contribute to the mens and womens singles and dive into some of the scoring elements (TES, PCS)

Nice viz Ausrine!

That's it for this weeks round up, thanks all for your contributions! I apologise if any have slipped the net recently in terms of capturing entries. It seems the hashtag on twitter when put on "most recent" is a little touch and go.

Catch you next week for more content,

CJ & the Sports Viz Sunday team.

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