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Weekly Roundup 10.22.23

I think I've just about recovered from England's incredible, despite ultimately losing, performance against South Africa yesterday in the Rugby World Cup semi-final.

Although it is the hope that gets you in the end, I much prefer having hope and losing it (even in such heart-breaking fashion!) to being on the wrong end of a flattening.

And what better than a few things from the #SportsVizSunday community to help raise my sprits?

I'm starting this week with Anastasiya who has fallen in love with Formula 1 since watching the Netflix series, Drive to Survive. She created this dashboard to share her passion in he hope that it might encourage others to follow in her footsteps.

I really like the range of graphs and colours that Anastasiya has used. There are so many moving parts in F1 (pun intended) - the drivers, the teams, the manufacturers and of course the races themselves! I think my favourite parts are the team timelines (I had no idea of the history of some teams) and the driver's bump chart. Well worth checking out for yourself.

Sticking with F1, Naresh Suglani has focused on the Brazilian Grand Prix, with a nicely presented map as well as a host of accompanying statistics. I really like the colour scheme - with green highlights influenced by the Brazilian flag but the standout feature for me is the DRS & Corner detail toggles. These are really effective and make good use of Tableau's interactivity to allow people looking at it to see different levels of details.

From engines to ball sports, Darragh Culleton has looked at the history of Ireland and New Zealand's meetings in Rugby Union. I was interested to see how all of Ireland's victories have come relatively recently, and that the two teams have been more evenly balanced since 2013 than any time before.

Alison Gale has been following the National Women's Soccer League, which had it's closest season ever this year. Alison has used a very innovative spiral where each line represents a team's cumulative point score through the season (starting at the top and moving clockwise). This is a really effective way of showing how close all the teams were, and also highlights how this has been a growing trend over the last few seasons.

Adam Green has written a bit more about the background and legacy of Dick Fosbury, who was the inspiration for his previous viz (featured in this pages previously). It really highlights just how innovating the Fosbury Flop was and I can see why it attracted Adam's attention.

Lastly for this week, CJ Mayes - the one man tutorial factory - has shown us how to create football shot freeze frames using StatsBomb's free Women's World Cup data. This was one of the datasets in our monthly challenge and CJ has explained how to get to it, and get it into Tableau, with a lot of ease. If you're into football, monthly challenges, Tableau or Alteryx then you should give it a read!

And that's everything for this week. Thanks as always to all our contributors!

Mo & the #SportsVizSunday team

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