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Weekly Roundup 04.09.2023

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Happy Easter to friends around the world that celebrate. I hope everyone has had a good weekend so far!

Wow we have some exciting content this week so let's jump straight in.

Nick showcases football-api data through a refreshing python script to include different players consistency rating and form. I love the clean feel the the visual and the different table headers he has custom created. This is by far one of the best soccer dashboard designs I've seen come to Tableau Public.

Peter McKeever takes a look at undefeated streaks amongst the big 6. This bar code gantt chart has been a fairly popular design in the past few weeks. Peter chooses to carefully use colour to emphasis the streaks amongst the different teams, offset against the grays for draws and loses.

Samia treats us to a TidyTuesday viz made in R. Check out which teams benefit from home advantage, and which teams are better at their away days!

Rob takes a look at the scoring machine that is Erling Haaland - who is well on track to be one of the greatest scoring records of all time. With an average of over 1 goal a game, and 10 games left since the visual we will see if he well take the title of scoring the most goals ever for all golden boot seasons.

Brett shares with us this week a golf viz looking at the history behind the famous green jacket! You can use the scatterplot to see winning points per year. Hope everyone has been enjoying the masters today!

Adam follows suit with a masters visual. How beautiful is the golf ball overlays in this chart! This visual goes to show how you can pack information into a visual without cluttering the page. My favourite bits are the retirement flag and ranking the individuals on number of wins.

Thomas packs a punch with the NFL draft visual and treats us to both desktop and mobile versions, a rare sight in the Tableau world.

I am loving the technical detail that will have gone in behind the scenes to update each of the different BANs and probability calculator. A fun one to interact with thanks Thomas.

Peter Kelley closes out this weeks round up for us, looking at the NCAA. This more abstract custom piece emphasis the 'madness meter' in the size and colour of the circle, supported by game level details around the outer edge. See what tems had the most close calls!

A final reminder for those looking to be inspired, we have datasets from all different sports stored on our GitHub page ready for you to use.

Take care,

CJ & The #SportsVizSunday Crew

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