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Weekly Roundup 06.25.2023

Hi all,

Hope everyone has had a lovely week? The sun has been shining bright here in the UK which makes for a happier weekend - though it is tennis season, so I've taken a few hours from topping up the tan to watch Alcaraz - De Minaur in the Queens tournament, (A tournament many consider the 'warm-up' to the Wimbledon Grand Slam and getting use to the grass court.) I really hope Alcaraz goes on to win a few more Grand Slams in the next few years, an incredible talent and just amazing to watch.

They have been adding in some new cool visualisations on the bounce height of the ball as well as some other tracking diagrams which i've enjoyed seeing.

Let's take a peak at some of the visuals on display this week from the SportsVizSunday crew and the wider sports on show.

First up this week Jeff utilises kens sankey funnel templates to look at Denvers franchise history between 1977 and today. For sure a creative way of showing progression through the different rounds, and the drop off from being knocked out. The number labelling makes for the visual to be easily understood in terms of size.

So..... Ant did say his next visualisation was going to be on Ants, but i can't be disappointed as he's chosen to do a SportsVizSunday visualisation! Ant looks at the highs and lows of supporting a club, be it them doing well, (or not so well) and how the family's teams ALMOST ended up in the same league.

I love the duplication of the win loss records and whilst they are the same graph they tell two very different stories. Also a big fan of his vertical alignment of the match dates.

Funnily enough, Everton have remained in the top flight ever since 1954/55, meaning that they have not been relegated from the Premier League since it began in 1992!

Rob Taylor continues the footy theme, showcasing how he was able to use alteryx for his FPL data prep and measure his performance from last years league. I'm hoping Rob can go back to his 2015/16 ways, after the recent difficulties he's had, citing increase in availability to data and information as a whole.

Dive into the visual to find out which players gained Rob the most points and how wildcards and bench boosts impacted his final score.

Talk about creative!!!

This visual from MC is spectacular in highlighting the speed of a badminton smash.

What fantastic reference points using F1, golf, tennis and squash to be able to add context to how impressive Tan Boon Heongs smash really is out at 493 km/h. Check out the VITT for the different players.

Finally, I made this shot zones print in Tableau. I've been doing a lot of experimental work in various tools over the past month with shot zones and was fairly pleased how this layering style turned out for this one. Tutorial has been scheduled in July if you do want to learn more. COYI

Have a good remainder of the weekend with whatever you get up too.

Take care,

CJ & the SportsVizSunday team

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